NRP News – APU Attacks in Donbass

NRP News Department

The attack of the APU on the Donbass: Kiev uses the Minsk agreements and the crisis in DPR
From: DNR24,

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The aggravation of the situation on the frontline near Donetsk — Ukrainians attempt to use the internal crisis in the DPR and when the position of the militia is weakened due to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. This was stated by the war correspondent Yury Kovalchuk, former member of the militia “Somalia”.

– More than a week are reports of the exacerbation in the Donbass. What happened?

Yuri Kovalchuk: the Ukrainian army is decomposed — non-combat losses three times fighting. if not throw it into battle, it just gradually fall apart. Besides, in DPR today inflames political crisis — Zakharchenko tries to neutralize the Khodakovsky. Ukraine knows this and uses tucked the chance.

– As the Ukrainians managed to seize control of strategic highway? Than it threatens LDPR? Who is to blame for the surrender of their positions?

Yuri Kovalchuk: the highway road is extremely important and is a great springboard for attack on Donetsk and encirclement of Gorlovka. The highway was not taken due to the determined implementation of the Minsk agreements — instead of using tanks and artillery Donetsk plugged the gaps with its staff. (…)


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