“What We Are To Him?” (…damn Putin…”#*$?%”…)

Russian Betrayal Department

Military-political results
From: El Murid, 15-Mar-2016 05:28 pm

The story of the Syrian adventure has ended, and thank God. What began foolishly, it is possible to end, otherwise it could not. What was happened actually, we will begin to watch explanations today in TV, through the month the casual viewer will be able to remember what kind of country it is (Syria) and where it is located.

The military results of the campaign, accurately says though not impressive magazine “Murzilka”. Find ten differences:

(Click to enlarge)

(…) To consolidate the results (very modest, but it is there) of Russian campaign in Syria, Russia is not going to do. The Geneva talks with Assad and his opposition are under the roar of taking off Russian planes, flying in direction of home (…). The real agenda will be determined by those who remained – Americans. They will be squeezing Assad to the bitter end on the diplomatic field. The Kremlin has already admitted that it will support any decision of the conference, including the federalization (read disintegration of Syria).

If you turn off the TV, you’ll see a classical defeat. Exactly the same as in May 2014, when lofty expression sorta “We do not ditch away ours” turned around during press conference of Putin and Burkhalter into Putin shifting and warping in the frame. Propaganda then explained that everything is in order, on the contrary: the concept was changed to “We need the whole Ukraine”, only after a week it turned out that the referendum in the Donbass we only “respect” and in fact we wiped our feet against it (referendum).

And the “Russians don’t throw away theirs” resulted in the shooting of Lugansk, Donetsk, Gorlovka, thousands and thousands of victims, who believed personally to Putin. Today in their place are Syrians. They too believed and walked with placards, naively believing that a traitor may be someone else. They’re not the first. Who will be the last of a mournful Putin’s list is the martyrology, hard to say. Perhaps, we. What are we to him?


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