The Touch Of Putin

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Behavioral code Putin – 2
From: aloban75, March 15th, 17:40

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Under the link below my text from 2 October 2015, when we first started the Putin’s Syrian adventure. Now I repeat this is not in order to emphasize their vision. There is no clairvoyance. To predict the behavior of this little man caught at the helm of a great state, don’t need to have special prophetic and analytical talents. I repeat the text to recall, what a jerk is in charge of Russia.

Original taken from aloban75 in Behavioral code Putin

The so-called Patriotic bloggers of all those who are against Russian involvement in the Syrian war, began to write to national traitors, they say are against helping Russia’s ally Bashar Assad. I, for instance, my heart bleeds for Syria and its President. I feel it still very sorry and understanding and realizing who undertook to help him.

If Putin came to the defense of Syria, the fate of this country is deplorable as Donbass.

Now, known Kremlin propagandoid in the television show started to sound notes that Assad probably ultimately will not be a president. Then we will hear from Solovyov that “we promised Syria nothing”. “We promised bombed over Syria, war against ISIS, but not to save Assad regime.” No doubt, thus it will go.

Still driven, among other things, and the experience for the fate of Syria and Assad, I oppose the participation of Russia in this war. Just look at Putin’s behavior code. He’s like some kind of degenerate-evil-days-spreader (bedonosets), for whatever he undertook everything turns to the detriment of others, and sometimes myself. Don’t know who first thought up this comparison to mythical king Midas, but it is true. The thing is that everything he touched it turned into gold but with Putin into shit. Only after all that they soap endlessly using media PR in order the defeat and shame turned into victory in the minds of the masses.

Help to Assad ends the same with what ended aid to the Donbass. Now I feel sorry for the Syrians and their President. Everything Putin touches turns into a disgusting slop. This being cannot create something creative and someone to save. He can only destroy, destroy, betray and shit. It is his behavioral code.

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