“Syria: what was it?”

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Syria: what was it?
From: Center Sulakshina, March 15, 2016, Author Ludmila I. Kravchenko, expert, Center sulakshina

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Author Ludmila I. Kravchenko, expert, Center Sulakshina

March 15 is the day of completion of Russian military operations in Syria. As stated by the head of state, “the tasks of the Ministry of defence, on the whole fulfilled.” And on this basis decided to call it off.

The President is wrong, refusing to sign in the failure of the mission. Challenges facing the Russian armed forces were not fulfilled primarily because Russia had not clear definition of the tasks and objectives. Apart from one, direct and personal. But it failed.

The ultimate goal, which is increasingly pointed out by the Russian leadership, is fighting terrorism and the destruction of the enemy in his lair. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, 4 February 2016 — “operation of the Russian HQs in Syria would be terminated only after complete victory over the terrorist organizations.”

But worth a look at a map to realize that goal was not reached (Fig. 1). ISIS exists for a significant portion of Syrian territory. The terrorist group is not bound by the restrictions on the termination of the mode of fire. Recruitment is a constant, and therefore the completion of the mission, to declare the fight against terrorism is the failure of the military mission or a sign that the military operation had latent goals, which the General public was not supposed to know.However, the President this position apparently does not share, arguing that “with the participation of Russian military forces…managed to radically turn the tide in the fight against international terrorism.”

Fig. 1. The Syrian territory under ISIS control (grey to start operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria September 30, 2015 (left) and 14 March 2016 on the right map) / Source

Other initially formulated goal — to help the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad. In recent months it has been significantly disavowed, including Russia’s refusal to consider Assad our ally, in the statements of the President about the mistakes of Assad. Target was not met, across-Assad had been forced to peace and the recognition resolution that declared plans to hold a new presidential election.



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