Russian Columns Of Betrayal

Kremlin Coup Department

The imperious political expert: the prospects of a “Palace coup” in Russia
From:, 15-Mar-2016, 15:37

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The fifth column, the liberal revolution, Patriotic Maidan, the Palace conspiracy is already nearly a year and a half of this phrase with enviable regularity appear in the Russian press and heard from the mouths of the participants of TV programs. Those who cover the so-called “crisis of authority”, as those who speak about the likelihood of a sharp change of course, usually in a violent manner, have enough. They promote the same idea – the change of government in the near future is inevitable. Their conclusions differ only in the particulars, concerning the mechanism of this change and the main driving force.


The real fifth column, it is, according to the laws of the genre, never manifest themselves before that time, which in certain circles is called “hour X”. It this property lies the main danger for Russia. People, which can without exaggeration be called a partaker of the force, called the fifth column, represented in almost all more or less significant power structures. They are in the presidential administration and its environment, are present in the relevant ministries, the State Duma, the Federation Council, security ministries and agencies, and even among the army generals. A lot of them and among the business representatives. Who are these people and how did they get to the corridors of power? (…)

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