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Putin escapes from Syria
From: Kungurov, March 15th, 9:05

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Supreme solemnly announced the Victory – this time in Syria. So from tomorrow on Putin’s brothers hastily skedaddle home as the naughty younger boys. What about the victory parade and public burning of flags of defeated frags? Let’s summarize nearly six-month operation.

On the downside:

1. The regime of Bashar al-Assad is not saved. Fundamentally the situation has not changed in comparison with September of last year. Assad even their capital controls not fully.

2. “Terrorists” of the Islamic state, which Russia allegedly killed in Syria three or four times, not only not destroyed, but even strengthened. If you believe PuTinV screens instead to hide in the cracks and trembling, ISIS has shot down a Russian plane, a massacre in Paris, intensified in Libya and Afghanistan mess in Africa, USA and even in Russia made a couple of attacks. Of course, the plane in Sinai ISIS was not shot down (the Commission on investigation of causes of the crash do not confirm the version of the attack), but if the propaganda claims it is, it must present some concrete evidence of “defeat” terrorists. For example, how many thousands of square kilometers reduced the territory controlled by them in Syria? Shaw, however, neither how? Well, then, Peremoga, no doubt!

3. The deterioration of relations with Turkey, the collapse of the “Turkish stream” shameful hysteria about the downed plane.

4. The cooling of relations with Saudi Arabia and with the countries of the Islamic world, particularly the Sunni. They, surprisingly, do not like it when “crusaders” out to eat with their bombing in their disassembly.

5. The loss of face in the foreign policy arena. Let me remind you that Putin backpedaled when the Syrian opposition set a condition: negotiations with Assad is possible only if the Russians will make “go home”. But the jackets, of course, explain what Putin again again all beat and throw Assad is such a very cunning plan.

6.The collapse of Pro-Western illusions of the Kremlin. Neither the Americans nor the Europeans took Russia in his coalition as a partner. Even the fact that the bombs wrote “Paris!” no one is impressed. In the end, Western anti sadism – anti epilepsy the coalition will not go away, it slowly builds up its forces in the region, but Putin’s falcons blowing home. Failed to change Syria for the lifting of sanctions, to beg forgiveness for the Crimea and the Donbass.

What in the black?

1. The rating of Sunny has reached at the peak of 89.9 percent.

2. Supposedly the increase in contracts for the supply of Russian weapons, allegedly in Syria showed awesome performance. Because this is just unfounded propaganda cries, wait for the statistics for 2016, I Wonder will exceed any additional revenues from the sale of weapons direct damage to the Treasury on the war in Syria? In 2015, Russia has exported arms for $15.2 billion, which corresponds to the record high levels of 2012, However, it should be clarified: Russia sold as many weapons, namely set. Part – free “friendly” regimes, including the same Assad. To pay him today nothing.

3. The truce in Syria. I do not know whether it be considered a plus. But if a plus, for who? For example, if the USSR in January 1943 announced the armistice with Germany, Yes another year or two of commercials, what would be easier? But if, for example, Stalin would go on premerie under pressure from its ally the U.S. is this correct?

It is important, who initiated the truce. In this case the question formally settled the U.S. and Russia, Assad immediately agreed, but the OPP had to be persuaded, and not all convinced. The truce concluded type for the purpose of conducting peace negotiations. But in this case looks hasty escape Putin? Russia’s withdrawal weakened the position of Assad in the negotiations, which hasn’t even started yet.

I was under the impression that this whole charade with the truce made in order to escape Putin didn’t look outright theft. Six months later Assad pressurizes rebel or he will run away. And Putin kakbe already has nothing, he “won”.

Overall everything is very similar to Afghanistan in miniature. First, the USSR “won” and under bravura marches withdrew its forces from the neighboring country, after two years it ceased to exist, and the regime in the name of salvation which the Soviet Union waged a 10-year war, ignominiously fell.

My opinion is that leaving Syria right, because otherwise there is no output. Thanks to the Americans that gave away without shame. But why the fuck is there Les?

UPD. The most sensible analysis of the hasty closing of the project “Syria ours” – here. All laid out on shelves, maps preattached, all clear, nothing to add here. (…)


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