“Mass Protests Has Begun – Russian MSM Are Cowardly Silent”

BRICS Department

Began mass protests. Russian media is cowardly silent
From: Kungurov, March 15th, 1:02

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Yesterday on the streets were three million protesters, dissatisfied with the policy of the ruling party. The main requirement – resignation of the President. Rossiyskie media cowardly do not notice these demonstrations, the most popular for the last 20 years.

The question is, why are they so scared? After protesting to some distant Brazil, not in Moscow, and the throne staggers backwards, under President Dilma Rousseff and Putin everything is OK – 86% support of the electorate. Meanwhile, the cause for concern. It seems, begins “Latin American Spring” on Saturday blew up Brazil, Savitsky regime in Venezuela on the brink of collapse, in Argentina the situation is consistently poor (two defaults in the last 15 years), threatening an explosion at any moment.

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Frightening Parallels between Russia and Brazil. Both countries are members of BRICS, both have a large territory and population in Brazil 189 million, in Russia – 146 million GDP per capita Brazil on 70-m a place in the world and Russia 73rd. The Brazilian economy in 2015 fell by 8.3%, in Russia – officially 4%, whereas in reality the decline is almost twice that of our countries are leaders in the BRICS by economic decline. The Brazilian real fell against the dollar in the past year by 10.2%, the Russian ruble fell by 11%.

Key economic indicators, Russia and Brazil fall almost equally, for example, machinery in Brazil fell last year by 25.5%, in Russia – about 15% (we have, however, the decline continues for the third year in a row). Car production last year fell in our countries by 23% and 27% respectively.



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