“Corrections? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Corrections!”

Russian P-ts Department

I’m fed up with the stinkin’ Yandex Translate farts and my job…

I read, translate, correct then publish texts on Russia and Novorossia.

Day by day I correct the f****g Yandexiana to no avail. Day by day I send to Yandex the f****g identical corrections and I always end up with the same f****g “stinkin'” Yandex errors.

I see new pages with all sorts of translations of the same words, like DNR instead of DPR (Donietsk People’s Republic). I’ve never ever found a text having all the DPRs, for example. Always a mixture of all sorts of “translations” – DPR, DNR, DVD,…, and that was the easiest example if not primitive one.

It means no one is correcting the f****g Yandex algorithms. I’m pissed off today. For how long I have to send the corrections to the m***f***rs in Yandex without any results?

Every day I waste my time repeating the same corrections with deep conviction I will change the f****g Yandex Translate to good what would ease my work some day at least. B**s**t. We repeat the same actions, the same corrections, the same translations. Everyday the same circus, the same “intellectual” Merry-go-round. I see no sense in such idiot’s work.

That’s my fault. I should learn Russian proficiently then to cope with Russian posts and articles. But I thought there is a broad call for those texts abroad, in the West. Not being “such a petty swine” I provided you with a pool of English websites dedicated to Russia’s politics and Novorossia (below).

And I’ve taken a leave now. Regards.

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About veraser

Debian user who's fond of Yandex, Vivaldi, Links2 and Firefox browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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4 Responses to “Corrections? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Corrections!”

  1. Artem says:

    “Russian Pizdets Department”
    padstalom 😀 😀 😀
    Они там в Яндексе что-то знают.


  2. Hi Artem, beg your pardon I’m late. I’ve changed “profession”, I got back to photography, but of course, I read news or comments daily.

    BTW. What does it mean the “padstalom”. I searched Internet but got only usages/questions not answers.

    Have a nice day, regards.


    • Artem says:

      I am late too as you can see, Przemyslaw. 🙂
      “padstalom” (падсталом) – means “под столом” i.e. “lying under the table laughing”


      • Oh, LUTHL… 🙂

        I thought the “podstalom” meant the “under the table”, but as you used a word, not acronym like LOL or ROFL or English I was not sure the meaning. 🙂

        BTW I’s a pity they, there in Yandex, don’t know other “corrections”. 😦
        Anyway, the good news is I’m back here. 🙂

        Have a nice day


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