“Yandexian Rhapsody” Updated

Yandexian Errors Department

The comments are interesting but with BIG errors of the translation. That’s why I decided to repost it here. Anyway you should go to the source to see the latest masterpiece of Ukrop’s artist fart. Lowlife level… as Ukrops’ IQs.

yandexian rhapsody
From: niqnaq, March 8, 2016 at 10:54 am

(Click to enlarge)

first hiper_gupper comment (2016-03-07 20:24 (UTC)):

Amers (Russian slang for Americans) has already built second base in Syria. Intelligence center with the Turks on the border of Syria, as well. So, protecting Syria with all that nonsense of roaming Russian aviation over Syria did not bring results, only one continuous harm on all fronts.

second hiper_gupper comment (2016-03-07 20:39 (UTC)):

So where is that “umbrella”, if Amers invade Syrian territory with impunity, Turks are bombing and shelling with impunity, send fighters and support them, and Pukin (Putin) forces Assad to achieve peace with enemies on halfway to bogus victory, thereby letting Amers into Syria and allowing terrorists to recover? Alone you include little of your brain? Judging on all, apparently not. (…)


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