Stupefying Russian People

Russian MSM Department

Interesting interview. Whom Putin and Medvedev represent. As we may agree with Strelkov’s answer there appeared another question – whether Strelkov does not represent Kremlin’s safety valve. Sad, but is Mr. Strelkov so marginalized he can say whatever he thinks, moving aside all sort of possible repressions from Moscow’s lair of all Russian thieves and looters?

“Corporation of looters”, seized power in 1991 and does not wish to leave her
From: etoonda, 2016-03-05 22:01:00

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Question: Igor Ivanovich. What victories of our diplomacy, says Soloviev every day???. It already looks like stupefying people.

Shooters: -as VVP (Putin) and its surroundings are more afraid of “dear Western partners” and their direct supporters in Russia, our propaganda has become more and more false and hypocritical. Gradually into the category of “Patriotic” recorded actions directly contrary to any interest of country and people. The level of false cynicism in our media has almost caught up with Ukraine’s.

Question: -People are waiting for explanations, recent developments, such as the meeting of the Patriarch with the Pope and other less significant, that suggest bad thoughts. You are not a priest, but your opinion is very important to the people who believed you even with Slovyansk, how to relate to the events of last time, thank you!

Shooters: -I can’t explain anything, but my attitude to the meeting sharply negative. If only because the Patriarch had openly acknowledged the Pope “head of the universal Church” and not the chief heretic. In fact, from the mouth of Cyril sounded the same words that I myself heard from the mouth of the heretic Alexander I in 1988 (I was young, once I brought on him a lecture that he gave at our University) that the Catholic Church is “the Church sister.”

Question: -please Make clear to me the slow-witted: what’s a “Real sovereignty”? What are its prominent symptoms for the common citizen? The most important question: Who is worthy to stand at the head of a sovereign state and on which ideology is based?

Shooters: -Real sovereignty has no relation to the form of government. And to achieve it there is no difference who will be the head of state – is it the King, the President or the General Secretary. It’s only clear and distinct position, in which the state elite runs the country and developing the economy in the interests of the country and the people, without “looking back” on the view of different “bras”, which, as clearly demonstrated by the events of May 2014, easy, and can radically affect foreign policy, displaying the list of foreign accounts of the elite.

Question:Putin and Medvedev as are whom they represent? The government, Federation Council, state Duma, governors, mayors, and so on.

Shooters:The Corporation they represent. “The Corporation of looters” who seized power in 1991 and stubbornly not wanting to leave her to complete the looting. Of course, the legitimization by the “election” is absolutely necessary and very convenient procedure to safely plunder the country further.

Question: Dear Igor Ivanovich, why Gorbachev endorsed the “Syrian truce”? Sensed the return of former times ?

Shooters: -Because it is entirely in the interests of the West and the Pindos. As, however, our whole operation in Syria. Gorbachev has consistently endorsed all, which is in the interests of his owners, the honored agents of which he, the scum and the traitors, appreciates.

Question: I don’t understand still why the Berkut stood on the Maidan, government offices were already taken, would not go after the students which robbed the flats of citizens, why the barrier?

Shooters: -They produce a “Palace coup” demanded “artistic design” – i.e. a revolution to change some of the other oligarchs had to be issued as a “people’s revolution” and to legitimize the new/old government. As for the “revolution” we need the crowd, blood and sacrifice. Then the people “on a blue eye” to tell: “Yes you fought for it and shed blood!”

Question: Today in Moscow the representative of Religion of World Good was walking with her head cut off four year old girls, she promised themselves to blow up and screamed Allah Akbar. In connection with this question: how do you feel about Islam? Is there anything worth doing with them in Novorossia?

Shooters: -do Nothing. With religion it is impossible to fight. But with the extremist Salafi-Wahhabi type we have to fight very hard. And preferably before they take up arms.

Question: -What’s the difference between coup and revolution for Russia, really in the end results will be different?

Shooters: -the Difference is very high. In the event of a real revolution, the whole country will be put “upside down”, but the result may be positive (though in our environment – unlikely, as foreign intervention would be almost inevitable). But for the revolution in the country no prerequisites. (And I myself am not a supporter of revolutionary change).

The coup will change only the tip that will allow, on the one hand, to avoid the General mess, and if you do not fundamentally change in the economy and domestic policy, none of the country’s problems will be resolved positively and next it will not bring – it’ll continue the overall degradation. And in this case, the coup only “break the seal” – will open the era of General instability, which will be followed by another series of revolutions, until either the power will bring healthy forces, or the country will collapse.

Question: -When in the Russian Federation in October 93 was the attempted coup, were you at the time in Moscow? Vsevolodovich, on whose side you were with your soul in the moment – with Rutskoy, Khasbulatov or legitimate government? And now, looking back, did you change your judgment on those events?

Shooters: -I underwent military service and was outside of Moscow. A few of my friends and comrades in Transnistria participated in the “March on Ostankino” and in the protection of White House (Parliament). Most of them survived and were arrested on 5 October during the “zachistki” (cleansing) of the cellars of WH. Pretty sure if I were in Moscow, too, would have been in the ranks of “defenders”.

There was no “legitimate government” at the time. There was Yeltsin, committing state coup, a rare scum. And was a bunch of the same filth (also “came from a 91-year”), only weak and cowardly, which tried him for this power to fight, exploiting the “Patriotic slogans”. But, when it came to the importance of resolute actions, Rutskoi, Khasbulatov, Achalov and Co. were “clearing” together. As a result, the blood of true patriots was shed in vain. And the “leaders” of the protest received governorships and seats in the Duma.

My personal attitude to “ordinary defenders”, of course, only the positive – in my opinion, those who once thought himself a patriot, should participate in the protection (of WH).

Question: a Lawyer of Yanukovych, Vitaliy Serdyuk, said that the ousted President of Ukraine did not resign himself and eventually intends to return to his post. According to the lawyer, this will have to be taken legal action. Do You find it possible, given that Yanukovych during the Maidan showed himself as a coward and shamefully ran away to Russia? Do You think it is any next game of the Kremlin or just hot air?

Shooters: -Yanukovych’s return to power I consider impossible. And if we are talking about “the game of the Kremlin”, it is a reliable way to permanently alienating against Russia ALL the population of Ukraine – as this “blue thief” despise not only the “Maidan horses”, but also potential supporters of Union with Russia. However, as “Ukrainian Affairs” we have, we are ruled by patented wreckers and saboteurs (Surkov, Zurabov and Co), I shouldn’t be surprised if they decided to play this “card” much to the delight “of our dear Western partners and best selection of Ukraine Petro Alexeyevich.” After all, the very threat of returning Yanukovych – it’s a great support of Poroshenko as President, according to logic: “you don’t want me, will get back Yanukovych”.

Question: So that the Revolution useful of the coup, so to speak? It is clear that it is not harmless, but she’ll clean everything under the outfit along with the same fifth column, while the revolution simply as “the Kremlin intrigues” that the serious situation in the country will not change, correctly I understand?

Shooters: -No, You understood me wrong. The revolution may not be “useful”, because it will bring a very serious convultions and it’s not a fact that the state after them did stand as a single unit. The coup, in our situation, too, cannot be “useful”, since only close to power, but clearly interested in “course correction” force at the moment, it is “liberal wing” – in origin and ideology openly Pro-Western and despise their own country and its people. Another issue is that the impending liberal revolution can develop into a destructive revolution. In General, the “good options” simply we do not have now, except absolutely hypothetical – “change policy” of Putin with “mopping up” himself own liberal environment.

Question: -I Remember You advised as to personalities of Kasyanov type, not to spend cooking items on throwing projectiles in his face, and to work on their direction in the dock. What can you offer as types such as the huckster and musician in one person A. Makarevich? If not shoot him with eggs and not to break guitar on his head, what would be a more adequate alternative? To delve into how he pays taxes for their paid speaking engagements, and where, in General, are his fees?

Shooters: -the Alternative here is very simple – to leave him without a piece of bread, but it is not yet possible, since in the past he was a really talented poet and performer. And now to throw to Makarevich eggs and to broke him guitar – only benefits – as “free PR”, shaping his image “to the diehard animator-idealist with regime” and more popular among all, who wants once again “to repeat” in the Russian Federation “1991”.

Question: -DEAR IGOR IVANOVICH, could You clarify your point about the liberal revolution. I , frankly, do not understand very clear the motive to overthrow Putin liberals, because Putin (or rather what was left of his credibility) – the branch on which they sit. Not be tomorrow after all Putin, all Chubajsites (of Chubais) and Grefites (of Gref) just break down.

Shooters: Who will break them? They have before eyes successful experience of Judas Gorbi and his group – no one was broked. No creature from Politburo died not his natural death and not even “the village”. All “swallowed” “dear Rossiyanye” (and less “dear” Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians, etc.). And for “revolution of Honor” (Ukraine 2014) for two years anyone was brought to justice. And there are other overseas examples – with Milosevic, for example… They are counting all over again to “turn” a profit. And in extreme cases – to quickly skedaddle to the “alternate airfield”.

Question: -At the meeting “channel four” discussed and adopted decisions on mine removing action, elections, cessation of exercises on the front line. But what is the point to discuss all this, if the shelling of Donbass more and more like a barrage? Or have all understood that no party will fulfill these agreements, but to save face they continue to negotiate, to solve something. Do You think the EU has already understood that the agreements of the Kiev junta will never be fulfilled? And why are these meetings not discussed the question of a public and permanent contraction of the APU arms to the line of contact, the high concentration of equipment and personnel APU on the front line? Or in the EU provided to resolve the issue with the Donbass Pindos, and just create the background of these negotiations?

Shooters: -All “high Contracting parties” profitable “to stretch out time” (they’re under attacks not sitting and their relatives). Ukra are waiting for instructions from Washington “to come”, our just “pull the cat’s tail” in the hope of “at random”, “evropeitsy” “play idiots” and ensure that neither side has shied away from “compliance” – i.e. continued to “play by the rules” (by which both parties necessarily will eventually lose all of its game and aims). All in all, all are happy. Ukra and LDPR are preparing “to shift the blame for the war” on each other, all understand that the fault will still be assigned LDPR and the Russian Federation – these are the immutable rules of the game.

Question: -So maybe, since we have no interests in Ukraine, the bolt ditch them? Embassy to close, what for money to spend?

Shooters: -It Is Impossible! Zurabov without chair will remain. And on Ukraine business serious. It is not good to offend “a full member of the cooperative”. He’s a “real Russian” and not sort of Donetsk Rusky.

Question: -Bullshit, they thought. He alone said, the anti Maidan was paid. But what does it mean – that for free you were not interested – throw off of Yanukovych or not. That’s all. The Maidan, all stoned from all Ukraine gathered, and antimaidan? And now – our paratroops must, you see, they must free you.

Shooters: -I advise such “great specialist on Ukraine”, like You, to interact more outside of the forum or FBC bastard Boroday. For example, locate the network contact Igor Druz and ask him a question about how in Kiev Russian activists (real ones, not those who for many years “cut the budget” of Surkov’s minions – Your current supporters) tried to organize and even organized real “antimaydan” actions. He will tell You many interesting things. For example, the position of the “Russian” ambassador Zurabov… And that they (the real Russian Orthodox activists) were really nobody needed. And the number of those actiones that managed to hold, despite the active opposition of not only “maydanoids”, but also the police.


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