Rotten and Gutter State of Ukrop Army

Novorossia War Department

Despite the cartoon below the post is not funny. It’s very serious text and very interesting about the state of mind of “Russian brothers” for Putin or diehard enemies for me (if people of Russian nation want to be Ukra let them be what they want, but with all consequences of their acts).

You didn’t listen to me, listen to the enemy
From: Andrey Chervonets, March 7, 11:00

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Indeed, NMVs cheaper and more effective than UAVs *)
NMV = Non-aircraft Manned Vehicle (bezsamoletchiki)
UAV = Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (bezpilotchiki)

Suddenly, at the same time with me the topic of Minsk and prospects raised and Mrs. Bilozerskaya (Right Sector). What she thinks on this issue? Let’s see,

There’s a long, although it is interesting preamble about bad government, which does not give right to patriots to fight, so that, people might get the impression that Minsk is needed, etc. And then a lot about the state of the Ukrainian army (VSU, AFU, UAF), in the first person. Circled in red.

(Click to enlarge) Red frame in short: Russia will die from Western sanctions but Ukrainian army will die earlier. What you are fed from Ukrainian SMI (MSM) is propagandist lie. Soldiers die daily and basically not seeing enemy plus problems with discipline.

You know the thing, trying to explain, we are aware of the volunteer Ukrainian army dies faster than Russia. From myself I will add that this is doubly true when the Russian “patriots” don’t decide to speed up the process, but that’s not the topic. And certain combat-ready units the overall picture is not affected, then finishes the patriots Mrs. Bilozerskaya.

Next there is a paragraph with justification, that in such circumstances (war, no war, no offensive actions, etc.) decomposes any army. I again and again reminded that not any, the history knows a lot of examples to the contrary. BUT! Because in addition to voiced, from the same author, you can read about the other problems of the Ukrainian army, in particular the lack of patriotism and so forth, but also to remember that there is Ukraine political crisis and other pleasures, in the amount of decomposition. She knows more than we do. From himself I only add about the fact that in this case the army, in fact, is a mirror of society.

But then again interesting. Mrs. Bilozerskaya tells us that Ukraine is under external management. Here is the news. Oh, Ukra!!! I’ve been telling you about them for two years. Well, maybe you’ll believe her at least.

(Click to enlarge)

However on recognition of external administration in General has not become easier, because here the author, as well as Ukrainian nationalists, went into fantasies about how they will screw the West, which is no where to stay and will do what he nationalists say. I again want to emphasize, it can be still somehow they get to the West and business elites. The monster that you created is not controlled. He feels no loyalty and is not going to team. You are at best a source of resources. But I digress, as Mrs. Bilozerskaya.

To the main. Time is working against Russia, but it works against Ukraine. And then she gives instructions (again, though not so detailed like before, I have repeatedly recommended, she had a detailed article with instructions) to disrupt the ceasefire and attack. Because that is what, in its opinion, can save Ukraine.

In the end bravado about “everybody loves a winner” and so on.

Now discard water and go to the heart. This is not the first and not the second article of this kind. And this man knows what he writes. And in ideological and military terms, they need war. Now, not later. And on their terms. Periodically, the characters even admit that they don’t need to win, building nationality possible and around damages. The only thing is that the enemy is exactly not satisfied with the current situation. And the fact is the enemy has a bunch of internal reasons.

So what to do wiser? To give the enemy what he wants, spicing with our “rushes on Kiev”, or still to do what is beneficial for us? Still, if the enemy tries to do something long and purposeful, our task may hinder, rather than help? Well, about the decay I hope everything is clear written? We’ve been roaring that we aren’t Ukra, maybe it’s worth to show it in fact and not try to break down our own army by their example?

I will not write further, I will end up with those questions.

It’s not PCP (Putin’s Cunning Plan), it’s just an analytical text from ANOTHER important hero of new Ukrainian nation.

“If you hear me, you are the resistance”
Sincerely, John Connor.

Source: john_connor85 in You didn’t listen to me, listen to the enemy.

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