Is Putin At His Senses? El Murid Asks…

Russian P-ts Department

Do we look at spectacular downfall of Putin?

El Murid reads between lines, he advised to do it too, so why I should not do it? Hence the title. Either Kremlin circles have begun to rot spreading intellectual stink, or someone there evinces incomprehensible illness, if not went nuts! Knowing everything and sticking in the same position as if being cemented in mafia-class liberasts’ basin what was seen in crime movies, is depressing. Putin’s Catch 22?

Perhaps, it is El Murid’s machiavellic writing having secret agenda on mind? Leading readers to think in specific way I presented here above? Who knows? What if El Murid is part of the Russian puzzle? We live in Kremlin’s Matrix, don’t we? 😉

Anyway, El Murid said “a spade is a spade” and Putin’s rules through moronic decisions. Who issues moronic decisions? Wise man? No, moron. C.E.D.

From: El Murid, 7-Mar-2016 08:19 pm

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Iran’s President Rouhani said yesterday that “…Our relations with Russia are at a good level, between countries is cooperation. Of course, this does not mean the consent of Iran to any step from Russia”, — quotes Rouhani Agency ISNA…” it is absolutely standard language, known by the editorials of the “Truth”. Initially, there is a cheerful list of achievements and unprecedented heights, taken by workers, followed by the “Despite this” – and is one who interferes with the steady tread of socialism.

Iran clearly expresses extreme displeasure imposed by Russia’s truce in Syria. Assad, having fettered hands and feet with Russian “assistance”, expressed it much more accurately, but even he had to be restrained by Vitaly Churkin. It is worth remembering month old article in the Chinese media, where Russia was named a country in systemic crisis, with which cooperation before the elimination of the causes of the crisis would be impractical.

In fact, Russian foreign policy in all directions suffers a crushing defeat: the West is openly hostile to us, the few potential allies in shock from cretinism of taken decisions. A rogue state – it is we, as it appears. Lepers and the weak-minded are always isolated from normal people – just because next to them is dangerous.

Foreign partners do not watch Russian TV, so it is not aware that Putin is doing complex and brilliant work on getting up from its knees and lift Russia to the first place in world politics. They see reality, which is nothingness, which brought the country to total bankruptcy in all spheres. And therefore are forced to insure themselves against the clinical manifestations of seizures and the activity of the Kremlin.

Russian adventurism in Syria is coming to its logical conclusion: we have no allies in this event. A country that is unable in the past six months clearly state for what the heck she is actually brandishing its weapons to distant lands, which did not solve any military tasks and significantly complicated relations with all states of the region – with such country any sane politician will not cooperate. In fact, Rouhani talks about that so directly, as far as diplomatic etiquette allows.

Next is only analogue of “D…B..!”


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