Dugin’s Guidelines

The US Elections Department

Alexander Dugin: America is Righter than Trump and Lefter than Sanders, Facing Revolution (VIDEO)
From: Fort Russ, March 3, 2016

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Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

Hello, you are watching Dugin’s Guideline. Yesterday was a Super Tuesday in the US. This is a critical moment for the election campaign. And of course all the attention focused on the unorthodox figures – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump can be considered the most right-wing candidate from the Republican party, but not in the sense of possessed cripple McCain or former Trotskyites neocons, obsessed with the idea of world domination. These would be to the right of Trump, but in the direction of the same policy.
Trump has new unexpected supporters. Recently, the leader of the Black Islam Louis Farrakhan endorsed him. And he has more than 15 million followers. The explanation is simple: Farrakhan shifted to Iran and cut ties with Saudi Wahhabis. Great choice! So you have to vote for Trump.

Then there is the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders. He is, conversely, far left wing. With one foot he stands in the ultra-liberal establishment, but flirts with socialism, outlawed in the U.S. by the same elite. His encounter with the wife of the saxophone player attracts the attention of the Democrats: the wife of the saxophone player invariably loses, but well-organized Hillary’s storm troopers successfully fake the results and take care of the electoral college.
…the real American majority – the silent American majority and even the dispossessed American majority — which does not have proper representation in the elite…
This is the real America, American America, held hostage by the globalist liberal sects, possessed by the new world order and fulfilling the order not of the American majority, but the global financial elite.

It’s really the first interesting election in the United States. It shows that America is facing a revolution. If the elite will not voluntarily give power to the people. (…)

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