“25 January Committee” Next Meeting

“25 January Committee” Department

You should not be blind and deaf to the issue Limonov versus Strelkov. It stinks to the heaven and it is Mr. Strelkov who is not fair. According to what Mr. Limonov wrote in his post The CONFLICT and to my understanding (and few other posts).

Anyway the “25 January Committee” is too important for Novorossia and future New Russian Federation (NFR) to rummage in all the shits.

From: Andrey Chervonets, 6 March, 22:00

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1. Through unanimous decision of the General Meeting the Leader of the “25 January Committee” was elected Strelkov Igor Ivanovich.

2. Adoption of two statements К2501:

– “regarding the murder of four-year-old perfect of Bobokulov”. The text of the statement published on the website OD “Novorossia”;

– “On the assessment of the current situation”. This statement will be formally issued on 9 March 2016.

3. Made a decision to develop a Political Declaration К2501, enshrining the fundamental principles of the activities of the Committee.

4. During Assembly of the item-by-item researched and approved the Temporary Regulations on К2501, approved the Regulations for holding the General Meeting of the Committee.

5. The decision on the formation of the core and target sub-committees К2501. Created the following Subcommittees:

For the protection of the rights of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Ukraine (the head – E. O. Khasanov);
– ethics (Strelkov I. I.);
– the Commission of Audit (the cheesecakes M. P.).

During the meeting was discussed the creation of more than two dozen Subcommittees (including: on constitutional legislation and legislative activities; Novorossia (New Russia, NEVER “the new Russia”); on entrepreneurship and property; on state building and internal politics; foreign policy and international relations; defence and security; national politics; problems of the Russian people and other indigenous peoples of Russia; social policy; human rights and advocacy, etc.).

6. With a separate report on the situation of human rights of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the Ukraine was a member К2501, the representative of the headquarters OD “new Russia”, former chief of staff I. Strelkova in Slavyansk – Eldar Hasanov Osmanović. In the unanimous opinion of the meeting participants, the situation with the situation of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Ukraine is deemed unacceptable, requiring adoption by the Committee of a number of urgent measures (from the generate and publish К2501 lists of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Ukraine, official messages addressed to the authorized state and international organizations, to conduct various public actions, and the publication of the facts of abuse and of trafficking with the exchange of prisoners of war).

7. During the discussion of the question of the branding Committee, “25 January” (logo, flag, К2501, etc.) was heard the report of E. A. Prosvirnina. Speaker informed the Meeting about the results of the open contest to design the logo of the Committee and presented the designers CIP the brand book К2501. The decision of the General Assembly the adoption of the symbols of the Committee was postponed until 12 March 2016.

8. Discussed the issue of withdrawal from the Committee, “25 January,” Limonov E. V. Karabanov and V. A. during the discussion noted that in both cases, the application for withdrawal from composition К2501 were made in absentia, in a categorical manner, without prior discussion of reasons for decisions to the General Meeting of the Committee. In this case, the E. V. Limonov’s statement about the release was made with gross violation of ethical norms. During the discussion of the issue of withdrawal from К2501 Karabanov A. V., the decision was made the official publication of the full list of Founding Committee of the “January 25” in the Political Declaration К2501.

The Secretariat of the Committee “January 25”

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