Russian Bankrupt Power Of Thieves

Russian Economy Department

From: El Murid, 4-Mar-2016 07:30 pm

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Russian oil companies have put forward their demands to the authorities, demanding not to increase the branch tax. Otherwise, they are threatened by the rise in gasoline prices up to 80 rubles per liter

Requirements, of course, more like blackmail. All the signs are present. But the problem is, indeed, quite real. Bankrupt power seeking sources of funds to Finance the budget deficit.
Oil industry workers, understanding their significance in comparison with other industries, in this sense, use blackmail deliberately – they sound the threat of increasing fuel prices may well in case of implementation simply bring down the entire economy.
This means that the only way for Russia – urgently begin not just structural but systemic reform.
However, to demand reforms from the current government as useless as to wait tomorrow oil price will rise to 200. They are not capable of such activities. Either intellectually or ideologically. Even if you do not take into consideration purely selfish considerations. Therefore, the fiscal burden on people and the economy will grow, will be privatized more and more new assets – in General, what is called the de-cumulation of stocks. All that will be withdrawn from budget, will be banally wasted – both for current needs, and just – for anything. Like the mega structures for the World Cup. No reforms these people are going to do, yeah, they are not even stuttering about them.

Grocery embargo for Russian citizens overpaid 400 billion rubles
From: ivan_ushenin, March 4th, 22:20

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Introduced a year and a half ago food embargo did not create special advantages for Russian farmers. The main support they have received not from the embargo but from devaluation of the ruble, which made for Russians, not available imported food. As a result of reduction in imports in the country decreased the consumption of basic foodstuffs. And because of the growth of the price citizens had to pay out of their pocket will increase by about 400 billion rubles more modest diet. These data were presented yesterday by the Russian economists. (…)

Nabiullina has presented the most outlandish report in the history: without a single digits
From: Politikus, Today, 19:52

(Click to enlarge) Photo: Reuters / Gleb Shchelkunov

The Head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina on Thursday managed to surprise even accustomed to all government officials. Her report on the development trends of the financial market of the Russian Federation in 2016-2018 does not actually contain any numbers. In vain the Deputy Prime Ministers Arkady Dvorkovich and Olga Golodets called on to name at least the key indicators to evaluate risks and to explain to people, “what we strive for in the future.” Elvira Nabiullina was adamant: the Central Bank knows what it is doing for the stability of the financial system can not worry. (…)

K: The answer – “Bring Back Kudrin, If You Want to Continue to Live In This Shit!”

“All the people I meet in hallway complain about Nabilullina”

When I go to the Bank on Neglinnaya, where they count my pension, which incidentally is two times less than expected (well, not important, enough for me), all the people I meet in the hallway are complaining about Nabiullina.

She barges into not main business, but into all sorts of otherworldly (weird) things, she lugs here cronies – and for a fig (shit, nothing) all that is – not clear. She reduces them (workers) years of service, (she) takes away personal machines some, that is she’s trying to save on trifles.

“Send to this post a girl…”

This is a real human idiocy – to send to this post a girl who does not understand banking!

She was twice kicked out from MinEconomy (K: ministerial financial and economical tasks). And what, she wants they kick her out now with a shame from the Central Bank also?

“He was warned several times, but he didn’t understand”
From:, by Alina Raspopova, 05.03.2016, 16:32

(Click to enlarge) Source: said tsarnaev/RIA Novosti. President of JSC “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson at the opening of the dealer center of “AVTOVAZ” in the city of Argun in August 2014

Rumors about the early resignation of the head of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson has confirmed. It will be removed from the post after the March holidays. The main complaints about the Swede became poor financial results and social discontent in Togliatti — not all of thousands were laid off were able to find a job. Sources “Газеты.Ru” also argue that Andersson put the blame for the failure of implementation of import substitution at enterprise. (…)

K: Other “epoch” text concerning management of Russian economic by foreign “geniuses”: “To remove Andersson now is too expensive”


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