Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 12

2016.03.02 – 2016.03.04

K: To be continued…

Igor Strelkov visiting of NOD (text, part 2)
From: Andrey Chervonets, 3 March, 22:35

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(…) D. G.: more Precisely, I would more precisely the question asked, since we came on the Committee, we had a question about it. Tell us the goals and objectives of this Association.

I. Strelkov: Well, I’m telling you. Again – fire the team. In other words, this allegory may be incorrect, i.e., people trained, people see. Here if to compare Russia to the house, and President with the housekeeper, people see that the superintendent has surrounded himself outright crooks. At the same time as the power of the superintendent is not disputed. But if he surrounded himself with crooks, locked himself in his office, no one understands what he’s doing.No one understands why the house is controlled so that all of the water pipes breaks, where something is already steaming, burning, collapsing, and the housekeeper was there doing what he is in the next village went to the barn to put out. And without any chance to put it out. Don’t understand this.

We do not understand why here in Donetsk the situation. This, no one explains. The television is, excuse me, the plywood that smart people are simply not able to perceive as the truth. It’s not true. Then we see that out any there from the basement of the old boys from the 1990s. And, once again, start openly crying. They actually openly going to overthrow the housekeeper, we are not asking while, at all without asking. And put here… to get by and repeat the experience of the 1990s.

We appeal to the housekeeper, the housekeeper does not hear us. It’s locked, the phone unplugged. And we find that house soon set fire and we’re preparing fire… we’re getting ready to do the fire brigade at a point of crisis. That’s what the Committee on 25 January. (…)

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Igor Strelkov visiting of NOD (text, p. 1)
From: Andrey Chervonets, 3 March, 19:05

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D. G.: As a matter of fact, have come to You with questions that have accumulated, I think all of our activists NOD. Separately prepared questions — the ideological, the Committee worked through the most painful and maybe a few pointed questions. But they are all connected, basically, with the current situation, so that, naturally, is happening now in the Donbass.

Therefore, if you will, the first question will start with the Donbass, with the situation that is happening there now.

What is Your assessment of the situation? How, in Your opinion, how long will last the so-called “truce” (again, take it in quotes, because it’s quite conditional, but still)? And what, in General, in the near future (in the form of this year) can lead the events that happen there?


I. Strelkov: Such a broad question, so just and tell.
The military situation in the Donbas remains difficult and complex, as they say. There is nothing for the better has not changed, rather worsened.

Yes, the body of the people’s militia continue to be a relatively efficient force, but this force is much weaker morally than the former volunteer militia. Because employed people under contract for 15 thousand rubles, said that now a lot of money. Moreover, gained for those who are willing to perform any task, including plucking the grass, painting curbs, and the rest, the most important things in war.

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Yes, a lot of dead souls, a huge amount. Yes, people are in very difficult conditions, the few volunteers that remained (or even many) are in serious conditions because of unclear prospects of this war. People to fight for Russia he went there and fought for Russia. Now they are encouraged to hold positions in the interests of the Minsk agreement, according to which the Lugansk and Donetsk must return to the Ukraine on the rights of some individual areas.

In General, Ukrainian troops and superior numbers and armament, unfortunately, and discipline, and the discipline even now, the corps of national police many times.(…)

RFI: Estonia made a revolution by creating the first Russian-speaking channel
From: INO TV, 3 March 2016

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Estonia made a “real revolution” by creating the first TV channel broadcasting in Russian, informs RFI. The policy stands of the Estonian language, which lasts for 25 years, had not yielded the expected fruits, and the events in Ukraine, in turn, reinforced the commitment of the Estonian authorities to create their own Russian TV. (…)

Khamsin prevent, but you can fight
From: segodnya, 03.03.2016 – 22:27

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An interview with military expert Konstantin Shcheleminin

– What is happening in Syria?

Comes the Khamsin, that is, the sand storms. At this time it is very difficult to fight, since the flying sand enters the lungs and eyes of the soldiers, as well as in car engines. Khamsin is like winter in Russia: to fight you, but it’s hard and uncomfortable.

– What is the meaning of truce in the fighting in this country?

The first small step towards peace. The people of Syria saw that it is possible to agree, and not just to fight.

– When can be renewed intense fighting in Syria?

When the Khamsin blows over, that is after 3 months. Although in the summer of 2016 there will be to fight very hard, and corny because of the summer heat.

– What interest Russia has in Syria?

First, Russia is learning to win through a combination of military and diplomatic methods. Secondly, Russia is learning to play white: to take the initiative in their own hands and impose their will on others.

– Is Syria for Russia a polygon?

From the point of view which began on 22 February 2014, the Second Cold war — Yes. Syria isn’t the point of application of the strategic forces of Russia. (…)

Liberal economy and Russia: the absolute incompatibility
From:, 2-03-2016, 18:41

(Click to enlarge) You should read earlier…

In the harsh Russian conditions requires a statist ideology of the strong business Executive rather than a liberal talker. Long wanted to write an article criticizing economic liberalism. And today managed to find the time. And what I write is not just some flaws that can be fixed, a fatal and fundamental contradiction lying at the heart of this ideology. And if you can fix it, it will be not economic liberalism, but a completely different system. (…)

NOD: Mass picket at the Gorbachev Foundation
From:, 2-03-2016, 23:18

(Click to enlarge) Year 1991, it was Gov Coup! We demand investigation! (Red X) Western agent

Today, on the 85th anniversary of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, has held a mass picket of the National Liberation Movement at the building of the “Gorbachev Foundation” in Moscow in the framework of the all-Russian action “Gorbachev Bring to criminal responsibility”.

Recall that, as President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev initiated the creation of the unconstitutional body – the state Council, is aimed at the elimination of the USSR government. According to his own decisions was abolished also KGB, authorized to suppress anti-state acts, and collusion in Belovezhskaya Pushcha (White Tower Jungle, Puszcza Białowieska) ended not arrest his attackers, and the destruction of a great country. (…)

The USA extended sanctions against Russia for a year
From:, Yesterday, 07:39

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Us President Barack Obama signed the decree about prolongation for a year of sanctions against the Russian Federation, said on Thursday BBC. According to the decree, the causes that led to their renewal are referred to as Russia’s actions against Ukraine. The document further notes that this situation poses a risk to national security and U.S. foreign policy. (…)

Russia will improve relations with the U.S.
From:, 2-03-2016, 19:27

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Prior to the meeting in Paris, where in the format “Channel four” will discuss the issue of implementation of the Minsk agreements, U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft suggested that, despite the disagreements, the Russian Federation will improve relations with the United States.


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