“Russia Needs The War”

Novorossia Department

I’ve changed “a” article to definite article “the” as Russia really needs war with Ukrops to define Novorossia status once and for all. Executing the New Russia day by day is tantamount to genocide but concocted by Kremlin! Read the posts novorossia/ethnic-cleansing/

Russia needs a war
From: etoonda, 2016-03-03 22:02:00

A volunteer from the Far East: “the Ukrainians don’t Wake a sleeping bear…”

The war will put everything in its place. As strange as it sounds, but it’s true — Russia needs a war, to decide, to find myself, my place in this world. A friend is known in trouble — Russia needs to understand who her friend is and who is not, and for this purpose there is nothing better than war. A good example of how war is Ukraine. What was Ukraine before Euromaidan and the subsequent war in the South-East? It was a country, balancing between Russia and Europe. What do we see now?The war tore the veil from Ukraine, revealing its true essence — the way to Europe at any price, plus an active hostile position towards Russia.

And now back to Russia.

1) Does the Russian leadership was engaged in import substitution, when in the budget there were a lot of “oil money”? Then came Western sanctions, and found that the substitution is necessary.

2) Who was the West to Russia before the war in Ukraine?
Indisputable authority in all that pertained to state-building, democracy, making money and lifestyle.

3) Who was the West for Russia?
Overall, hostile conglomerate of different countries United in NATO, do not understand Russia. Europeans and Americans ceased to be a moral authority for the Russians.

4) what was Turkey before the operation of the Russian VSK in Syria?
A friendly state in which to relax and from which you can comfortably do business.

5) What is Turkey now?
Hostile to Russia, a country with which business cannot be done and where it is impossible to relax.

Sun Tzu said 2500 years ago: “War is the great cause of state, the basis of life and death the way to survival or extinction.”

Sun Tzu never mentioned anything about the will of the king, money, democracy, etc. the basis of the life and death of the state is war, and not the laws of man, Economics, morality and so on.

The state is established by the war and only in war it becomes clear who is friend and who is enemy to whom.

But Russia now is not actually at war, for military assistance to Donbass and bombing in Syria is not a war, so Russia is not yet fully revealed picture of the real world in which she had time to exist.

A series of negative events affecting Russia since the beginning of its assistance to Syria, is growing like a snowball: it is often not a day goes by that somewhere not manifested something bad; the situation is gradually approaching intolerable that the war will not be something terrible, and what would cause the relief.

Forever it can not continue.

Russia has already seen direct military aid, in particular, in the Donbass, helps the diplomacy.

In the West firmly believe that in 10-30 years Russia will turn into something small and weak that the Russian Federation is on an inclined plane ahead of her and only oblivion awaits.

How to explain the US and EU that they are wrong? How to explain to those who don’t want to hear? How to explain to those who are confident of their rightness and power?

Past history and the current situation in the Donbass shows only one way — war. The third world or nuclear war nobody wants, so it is not completely not to be feared.

The experience of Donbass shows the way for Russia’s military a firm will victoriously implemented. Such is the way of Russia.

Hard, very hard to win the war, though to start it is very easy! Why Russia and not to hurry with the war because it could lose. But the war in Russia is becoming more and more necessary, so that the voice of Russia was heard, and even better that the enemies of Russia felt the pain of defeat, like the U.S. in Vietnam. And then suddenly the sanctions can easily be lifted, Russian and living will become easier!

And the war will show what the place actually is now Russia in the world; Russia who is friend and who is just the enemy.

Konstantin Sallinen


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