Kungurov Freed – Replying Artem

Russian P-ts Department

Artem commented my repost on Kungurov’s arrest (in Russian, use Yandex Translator). I will add there few words later. But I want everybody know I got no time and resources to keep an eye on all threads of Russian lives. I try to touch as many topics as possible, touching them only, at least. Treat them as the first steps in presenting issues, first steps for all readers. One post suffices to instigate curiosity or ditch the topic as tripe.

I may agree with Kungurov or not. But intimidation methods set alarm bell in me always. Kungurov remarks are similar to those of El Murid’s – in their acumens. They have keen minds. They see Kremlin’s doings deeper and present them in refreshing views. It’s up to the readers to draw inferences or looking for other sources to know more or disprove his conclusions, or way of thinking, or too frolic narrative styles he use.

What Kungurov said today in his post (below) is a glimpse on Russian life. Or a limelight exposing tiny part of “Russian p-ts” (as I say).

The FSB officers were shaking in their shoes
From: Kungurov, March 4th, 11:34

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Every shit needs to know we never hurry up, we save your “aypishniki” (IP addresses)

I got no enough time to correct the translation. I do the job here and there but not extensively today. Sometimes Yandex spits out such crap I pray and cry for a lightnings, the more so I always send them the corrections, begging to implement them. Still no results I would expect… shit! And last thing, I do corrections taking attention they go to “artificial fool” aka totally imbecile algorithms, so I do not correct style, simple corrections – word for word, expression for expression.

As everyone already knows whom or whatever is handy, yesterday I finally drew the attention of the chain dogs of the regime in the face of the FSB and trashes. Flew in front of the house, when my family went out of the house. Everything as expected: red crusts in the nose, flippers behind his back, handcuffed, kicked a little, rattled. In protokole written that I had resisted arrest. So always write in all protocols. The detainee and then suddenly something will break or tear. If the Protocol says that “presented” – so, bitch, guilty, but “opers” (operative agents) – the eagle-youngsters.

Senior investigator from RU FSB in the Tyumen region A. V. Trunov said that against me was initiated a criminal case under part 2 article 205.2 of the criminal code (“Public appeals to implementation of terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism”), waved a court order on a search in the apartment for the purpose of removing “technical means”, with which the specified crime I committed.

A crime from their point of view is a publication of the post Who actually bombed Putin’s falcons. Can read and find the calls to terrorist activity. What, you did not find? But some experts have found. “Public endorsement” probably it is necessary to consider the fact that a significant portion of the Sunni population of Iraq and Syria support ISIS. The idiocy comes out: the Sunni population support Islamists, but it is me who take a rap.

FIRST. Our valiant KGB – Asses. When I was seized and recorded, I felt a strange vibration in his hand – turns out, it was shaking hands both opers. Since my face was at the level just below the navel, for several minutes I watched, trembling hamstring of FSB officers.


SECOND. Current (K)GBians not like yesterday. The kids absolutely incompetent. While I appreciate Operatov (opers). Their primary task is to mentally suppress the “client”, to crush every will to resist, that on interrogation to the investigator he had arrived “lukewarm” and gave the necessary evidence in the “Golden hour” – the first time after his arrest, when he is in shock. Actually, any indictment on the average on 80% consists of the testimony of the accused himself.


Intimidation. Over the past 15 years I have repeatedly abducted, detained, arrested, and tossed the drugs, “were taken in an unknown direction,” incited “people to the ISIC”. Once I even put in a cell with drug-baron who previously explained that he had closed it due to the fact that I have about him in the newspaper wrote. Then – it was scary, especially the first 10 seconds. But after that, what can scare me? If accepted officially, with many witnesses, so no dumping them in the forest and sitting in the snow bare ass will not be exact. What sense does it scare? Well, put yourself Opera suckers, what I did not fail to inform – and what?

The search lasted nearly four hours. During this time I was involved in the drafting of psychological portraits that I see representatives of punitive agencies. About investigator can not say anything, he was working separately, there is something scribbled on the notebook. The investigator has got the nickname “the Pianist” because of its main working body – the fingers fluttering on the keyboard.

Young Opera I dubbed “Stager” – it was deshevogo-looking boy 20 years. People in FSB are clearly accidental. Stood silently, looked at all surprised eyes, as if for the first time during the search is present. When he instructed me to guard already on arrival in “Lubyanka basements”, even “Stand facing the wall!” without a quiver in his voice could not pronounce. And when he added the word “please” I really neighing. Bent my head he’s like your cat wanted to be pet. Buddy, throw you out of this rotten office before it’s too late, you will not make career here and will be for dirtbags.


THIRD. The first time I, a young, but promising “extremist” was invited for an “interview” by the FSB in 2000, I Talked with the Deputy head of the regional Department Colonel Petrushinin Alexander Antonovich. It was the Soviet KGB, KGB-shnye of kneading. It’s hard for me to imagine that this cultured, well-educated man even made a joke to a gay theme. At parting he gave me his book autographed. By the way, I feel like we should repay in the same coin. “Supervised” me for many years Lieutenant-Colonel of Pacience, a historian by training.Being already retired, asked me to sign his book. Nikolay Ivanovich has left the most pleasant impression.

Today the FSB is the backbone of the generation 90’s with all the consequences: stupid and arrogant Gopnik, Holy confident that the red crust gives them the status of a Superman. “In the basement” I got acquainted with the Opera, which was given the Callsign “Stoned”. All of the detained/arrested person upon delivery to the “Gestapo” is brought to the condition in oper environment. As a person with a certain shy experience, I know that the behavior of the operator will indicate which measure is adopted: if fuck all – so one will have to stay in jail. If you are beginning to catch up horror without the use of physical violence shines signing. The reception was unusual – I was moved to oper and left there under guard for two hours. This means that the decision is still pending.

Finally, I condescended “Stoned”. Its role, he explained: “I’ll be accompanying the investigation”. Support activities not provided for in the criminal procedure code. During my previous stints under investigation, were called to a “bride” (the chief of operational actions), where the operatives accompanying the investigation, carried out “educational interview”, bowing to confessions on the official interrogation, otherwise threatening with all sorts of “creeps”.

“Stoned” I called him for talking to me, it quite frankly started to drive me a monstrous bird about the fact that Russia leads the battle against international terrorism, and people like me – the traitors and accomplices, and he feels personally free from any moral obligation in front of me. No, I understand that the cotton (drivel) about terrorism, the fifth column and other crap which deliver kiselovites (of Kiselov) and other mouth workers, they have salary paid for it, and for the emotional intensity and pathos of the expression they sign them bonuses.

But no Kisileva don’t believe what shit in your head cattle. And my interlocutor is either a great actor or really stoned. Patroller I’m a bit in his cynical and sophisticated style. When I brought the subject up to his nose, explaining about the “Ryazan exercises” or similar “special actions” (read about them I learn on the tags of the FSB and terrorism), he is almost suffocated with indignation and tear on a falsetto voice said that my head is not all right. But, like I said, it is difficult to expect that stupid Gopnik is able to Express themselves in the chekist profession.

“Stoned” merged and passed the baton “Fag”, which, apparently, took some medications, the level of aggression he clearly has improved, and the adequacy fell far beyond the zero mark. He excitedly started yelling some incomprehensible phrase. If you omit anal-gay aspects, he repeated several times that “the Russian Federation’s killing your people” and “will You go to Syria, the plane is waiting.” Reason asked, I have mastered the technique of unarmed combat. After a couple minutes he was screaming about the fact that I personally would remove the video “rear-wheel act” with me and post it in my LJ. May still be close – I assumed.

Finally, somewhere at the summit the decision was made. “Fag” was removed from the case and referred me to the investigator justice Lieutenant Colonel Sukharev, whom I have dubbed “Sunshine” for them radiated kindness and smiling. Smiles to impress me is difficult, but on the qualifications of the investigator I concluded by what he’s, doing my business, apparently, from February 17, did not reflect the most basic things – what do you mean the website, account, social network and blog platform.Although, maybe he’s so masterly and pretended to be dumb, hoping to flog me to sign the Protocol of interrogation, attended by wording such as “to place articles on the website livejournal.com”. Naturally, I signed the Protocol significantly edited, which implies that the Internet user I am since 1998, and on the merits can not explain anything, because I don’t remember anything.

More likely, however, that mowing the investigator did not need to. On the brainless of our security officers says the fact that during the day article I broke from part 2 to part 1 of article 205.2. the second part involves the appeals to terrorist activity with use of mass media. My humble rajasika exactly the media does not apply. Yes, a couple of years ago passed a law according to which the blogs with attendance more than many thousand a day are equal in the sense of responsibility to the means of mass information. But it is one thing to pass a law and quite another to apply it. Roskomnadzor had to make a registry of the resources are equated to the media and to spread it in open access. Then any blogger listed in it, will make appropriate conclusions and will begin to fear. And where is the registry? Still not given birth.

FOURTH. When I’m away on parole, escorted the “pink house” (the building of RU FSB technote colored pink), I noted with satisfaction that the office is already irrevocably degraded. From duty, though he kept a stiff upper lip, bore, as from the wine cellar, despite the fact that time still a baby – the beginning of the tenth evening. On duty Opera eyes, too, were in a pile.
X! If Gopnik-fag-drunks-dumb stoned play the role of lackeys of the regime, I can only sympathize with this regime – it has nothing to save. In fact, incompetent bodies for a long time already not a secret. We all recently watched a pretty picture: in Moscow a crank Uzbek spent the last hour wandering around the subway with a severed head of a child and loudly promised to blow himself up. And where were the fighters against terrorism? Could not cope with great trepidation, hiding in their cozy offices. (To be continued).

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2 Responses to Kungurov Freed – Replying Artem

  1. Artem says:

    /“aypishky” (iPhone texts)/

    Przemyslaw, простите, может я чего-то не понял, однако…

    “Айпишники” (“aypishniki”) means IP addresses, but not iPhone texts.

    Best regards


    • Artem, please do not be offended. First of all thank you for your comments and corrections. I got a lot of problems with translations. It takes me too much time. Russians use specific expressions, slang, street talk, double talk and newspeak(?). Without BIG Edition of Russian Language I’m roaming blind nearly. “Secret services” save both addresses and text/audio contents. Not finding correct translation I concocted “contents” which is closer to the nitty-gritty of those covert activities, hence the “aypishniki” went iPhone texts aka “texties” (short messages from “texting”).

      BTW We may not understand each other, it’s obvious as we speak other languages. The nuances in texts are also unseen, not only facial expressions. If I am not sure how to read this or that I will ask you of course. Gimme a little time to think and answer you in the other post where you put your previous comment.

      Best regards,

      Yandex “perevod”
      Артем, пожалуйста, не обижайтесь. В первую очередь спасибо за ваши комментарии и исправления. Я получил много проблем с переводами. Я меня уходит слишком много времени. Россияне используют специфические выражения, сленг, жаргон преступников, двусмыслиц и новояз(?). Без большой выпуск русского языка я нахожусь в роуминге слепой почти. “Спецслужбы” сохранить оба адреса и текст/аудио содержимое. Не найдя правильного перевода я слепил “содержание”, которая ближе к штучке-дрючке тех тайных операций, отсюда и “aypishniki” вышел iPhone текстам ака “texties” (короткие сообщения из “текстовых”).

      Кстати мы можем не понимать друг друга, это очевидно, так как мы говорим на других языках. Нюансы в текстах также невидимое, не только мимика. Если я не уверен, как читать это или, что я буду просить вас, конечно. Дай мне немного времени, чтобы подумать и ответить вам в другом посте, где вы положили ваш предыдущий комментарий.

      С наилучшими пожеланиями,


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