Why People Call For Stalin?

Russian P-ts Department

Do you know why people cry for Stalin? No? Really? Read the posts of mine here. 🙂 Place the myth “people love Putin” to the Putriots’ asses.

About the USSR those who were born after
From: Andrey Chervonets,3 March, 15:07

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Very well, what you said all to me, Alisa. Gorbachov, Eltsin, who else, you say?…

Friends said the PD together
From: Andrey Chervonets,3 March, 10:32

In continuation of Putin congratulated the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.

(Click to enlarge) Mr. Gorbavchov and US Ambassador Mr. John F. Tefft


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