Russian Electoral “Zachistky” (Cleansing of Opponents)?

Russian P-ts Department

I used Kungurov’s texts lately. Sharp and true to the state of bitterness (with a big dose of demagoguery sometimes). Kungurov is a member of 25 January Committee. It’s going hot there. I’m afraid Russian Federation will end up after Fall elections as Russian State (new state) of United States of America and Asia (USAA).

Breaking news. Maximum repost.
From: Kurgunov (wife), March 3rd, 10:49

(Click to enlarge) From Alexey Anatolyevich Kungurov

Writes wife of Alex here. 15 minutes ago Alexey Kungurov was taken by “secret” buddies near his home and drove away. The numbers and the titles of the articles I do not understand. For what the questioning? Young “secret” guy replied – ‘we can write “for whatever”‘. Now, apparently, will start a search.

Strange behavior of employees: closed in my apartment and didn’t let me with my two children in my apartment. Answer: “there are investigative actions”. Is it possible to conduct them without the owner?

In an apartment and are not allowed. It so happened that I have no special rooms in the Tyumen friends of Alexei. All of the rooms at his phone. If someone in Tyumen can really do a help, suggest what to do, here’s my number +7 919 945 43 03

The search is over. It turns out all this time my husband was in the apartment along with the staff. As I watched, that moment he was brought here I do not recall. All the computers were taken. Now when he was removed he said with his characteristic jocularity – “don’t worry, in 3 hours I will return”. When he was taken last time he came back only after six months. So I don’t know what will happen.

Arrived friends, we are going together to conclude a contract with a lawyer.



Attention!!! The fundraiser is cancelled because Alex just came home! Thanks to all who responded! Find out the details. If the money is not going to need that refund!!

Still Russia Or DPR Yet?

Read out the whole list, please
From: El Murid, 3-Mar-2016 02:19 pm

With respect to the detention Of Kungurov. I would like to believe that it is Russia still – not DPR, where they do throw to “the basement”. So it would be nice if local active warriors from nowhere read out the entire list of suspicions brought to Kungurov and possibly relatively quickly. Kungurov’s wife, for example, still does not know for what they suspect her husband.

On the other hand, we, of course, quickly become the Donetsk People’s Republic with all its attributes in the form of independent commanders in the field and irresponsible leadership in the center and all the processes control elusive “Ukrainian DRG”.

Just in DPR-LPR everything happens quickly and obviously, here (in Russia) still goes shyly and is being hid behind some procedures. And so – built rusty vertical “Russian world” in all its glory (not to be confused with the real Russian world, which does not mean it).

So faith is one thing, but the reality is quite different. But I hope that local police will announce that it has just violated Kungurov’s rights.

PS. Looked at his comments – the parade of freaks and Gypsy zoo on the road. In fact, so this audience here is not welcome simply because of hygienic reasons.

PPP. Looks like Kungurov was imputed 205.2 – incitement for terrorist activity. Well, Yes, what else yet?


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3 Responses to Russian Electoral “Zachistky” (Cleansing of Opponents)?

  1. Artem says:

    Вряд ли это есть “зачитска”.
    Кунгуров – обыкновенный платный писака.

    А еще задайтесь вопросом – почему его так быстро выпустили? По совокупности ряд его статей в livejournal подпадает под несколько статей уголовного кодеска. И вдруг – взяли и отпустили в тот же день.
    Совпадение? Не думаю © Kiselyov


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