Putin’s Betrayal of Novorossia Has a Horrible Human Dimension

Putin’s Betrayal Department

I wrote in one of my sticky posts – “I did understand”. Yes. Short version with the words shining in red you’ll find at the beginning of this blog.

But what El Murid posted lately is unbelievable, so strong and poignant. He has shown how deeply mean is Putin. Putin and his cemented vertical tower of power, which exhume the toxic mendacity and mentality permeating the whole society, the state administrations and Russian military ranks.

For the treatment of Russians in Novorossia – both those who lived and live there, and those who were fighting there and were captured by lowlife Ukrops then, Putin should be judged and sentenced. Be it an exile or a lamp post, I don’t care.

Simply, Putin should be judged someday.

Talk show
From: El Murid, 2-Mar-2016 09:51 pm

(Click to enlarge) Banner: Let them all hear my sinister silence

Quite great article of Sulakshin about his visit to the talk show on NTV (НТВ). My own feelings about such event (I took part in similar one last summer) is almost the same:

“…asked me to attend in near day the NTV Live on a very hot current topic of the so-called truce in Syria. Definite reputation of NTV – exists, similar to a professional, once oppositional and very independent, autonomic channel. The letter “N” speaks for itself. It is in memory. It’s in perception. In reality, of course.

Program genre — talk show. They speak in Russian, so does chatter and presentation. I decided to accept the offer, I thought I could convey serious information with arguments. And I do not regret, because the experience was very helpful…”

I would like to focus on a single phrase in article Sulakshina:

“…Putin, announcing the intention to send troops to physically defend brothers, in a few days swerved, changed decision and began almost shameful surrender (betrayal) of his nation, followed by lies and deceives about the excuse for (not) assisting with Russian armed forces: “We’re not there! Can’t prove it! The soldiers got lost! Officers late last night dismissed from the army!”.

The meanness lies in the fact that these officers forced to quit under court procedure and imprisonment. This betrayal of their soldiers, it’s difficult to imagine and to remember! And this was done publicly and quietly. As if it was needed. The families of soldiers, victims in Ukraine, were forbidden to talk about it. On sepulchral monuments it was forbidden to write about it. Journalists who talk about it, were firmly clamped down. The lies, hypocrisy and meanness!..”

It’s not just about the military guys, which “are not there”. I recently received a letter from Kiev:

…January 25, 2015 in battle near Sanzharovka was captured citizen of the Russian Federation Gadzhiyev Ruslan Dzhumalovic, 1973, the driver of the tank battalion “August”, volunteer. From crews of destroyed tanks he alone was left alive. The rest were shot near the wrecked cars. Currently he is kept in Artemivsk SIZO. Investigation against him was completed and sent to the court with indictment he was “waging aggressive war against Ukraine”. The sanction in case of guilty decision – lifetime. Methodically without moral or material support, much needed in his position, Gadzhiyev is not provided. Protection in the court carries out volunteer lawyer from “ODYSSEY” foundation.

“ODYSSEY” turns to you, to member of “January 25 Committee” with a request to come in contact with DPR and LPR leadership, command of battalion “August” with petition for inclusion of R. Gadzhiyev in the swap list. Over the past year the issue of the swap did not rise. Gadzhiyev was taken (prisoner) in a battle with arms in his hands. The verdict in the court is obvious. Our only chance is to exchange (him)…”

And the second part of the letter:

“…In the situation with Ruslan Gadzhiyev it needs to raise the issue of the exchange for captured members of the armed forces. Especially as the Ukraine tries to change VSU soldiers (Voyennyie Sily of Ukraine) for random people, giving them as militias. You and your comrades on the Committee had the opportunity to convey this information to Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky and Morozov and to the command of “August”, which are obliged to participate in the destiny of their fighter. Gadzhiyev needs to be exchanged. A man standing with weapon in hands for the system can not be abandoned by them. We do not leave them, don’t we?

But Gadzhiyev, unfortunately, is a special case. And Khlupin is also a special case. But behind them stands not a private problem. Russian civil society, if it is society, not “together (with)” has no right to abandon to their fate those who stood to protect them from Banderovshchina. It can be understood the position of the official authorities of the Russian Federation, not exhibiting activity in this matter for political reasons. But civil society must actively support their best, active members, who entered to the fight. And it doesn’t matter what is his political orientation – communist, strelkovite (strelkovets), sutevets (K: member of “The Essence of Time” movement) or non-partisan volunteer. He was captured in battle, as Gadzhiyev, captured in the frame of humanitarian convoy, as the guys from Kornilov’s group or even accidentally as Khlupin going to give a lift to his blind father. He is a citizen of Great Russia. He was risking his life for Russia, he could have died, but lost freedom. And “for the grant”, in a hostile environment he should know that he’s not ditched by Fatherland and comrades.

If it’s high “calm”, so to speak.

And in a simple way, setting such Gadzhiyev in jail (SIZO) (roofed prison, zone) where there are no clothes, no hope. (…) (K: Here unable to translate or profane)

And all you need it is to gather information about Russians sitting in Ukrainian prisons (foreign Ministry has this information from the Embassy, Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky have to have from commanders), to organize collection of donations in their favors, and to arrange purchase and deliveries, at least once in a month, and to transfer those items and products at $ 50 per person. Yes, to hire normal lawyers, not unpaid ones (free) provided by Ukraine from which one can expect no help (job of Erofeev and Alexandrov)…”

Such letters come in dozens. And it’s the same everywhere – people were just left. Spit on them and grind them to dust. “We did not send you there” – that’s the basic answer in all institutions. All their fault – that they believed the authorities and the propaganda “We our do not throw away”. They didn’t quit. They were threw away.

What to do in such a situation, even in private? Yes, almost nothing is possible. To announce the fundraising it will run under the obvious pretext of “financing terrorism”. Examples – sea of them and faced alone with this. Remains to be secret and very private. The state deeply spit on all that. It has another toy now – Syria. When she’s snapped – it will find another.

Well, but for electorate – the talk show. Where figures from “United Russia” will be talking nonstop, hammering in all information channels with victorious reports.


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