Not The Words Are Needed But Kalashnikov, Mr. Glazyev

Russian Traitors Department

Sergey Glazyev: We should not cave in to the sanctions
From: Politikus, 28-02-2016, 15:37

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If all the banks in Russia will take a consolidated decision to go to the Crimea, Western sanctions to them will not be applied. About this in Simferopol, said the Russian presidential Advisor Sergei Glazyev.

“This is not just an opportunity, it is a necessity. We must not cave in to the sanctions. If we want to live in a single state with a single legal system, then there should be no exceptions and untouchable regions. In America if someone does not like Sevastopol, it is not the basis for the savings Bank here is not working. Our banks should not become the instruments of hostile forces. When Crimea came to their harbour, to our capital came in the native Harbor” — said Glazyev.

He also suggested next time to invite in Simferopol managers of Russian banks who are afraid to go to Crimea and give them the opportunity to talk with the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Meniailo.

“Next time we will invite the leaders here, and Sergei Ivanovich will spend with them man talk” — said Glazyev.


Everything’s fine, but what to do if no one listens to Putin’s remarks and he, himself, does not give a damn to what’s going on in Crimea? What if he supports Russian banks’ decisions on Crimea? When Putin support all the liberasts conspiracy?


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