Russian Vertical Power(lessness) In Miniature

Russian Lawlessness Department

A tiny piece of facts for secret services archives. Reading comments will bring you true picture of the society and the state you are focused on. So, such is the world!

From: El Murid, 1-Mar-2016 01:13 pm

Concerning Peskov statement:
Kremlin against linking ‘nanny murder’ case with nationalities question
From TASS, March 01, 13:37

But the comment of maximus9797 concerns Russian COPS, policemen. My emphases.

(Click to enlarge)

“(Despite the information blockade, people are bringing toys and flowers to the house where something happened that I can’t understand still). Forced to recognize the work (or rather lack of it) to the police.

Cameras are fixed and have pictures as the police naturally run away from the filth, brandishing the head of a child. As two cops out of the subway and casually watching what is happening as commonplace idler. People with posters are detained for a few minutes, and that thing could not catch within an hour. Apparently waited for the SWAT team, or Topol-M with the Iskander.

Immediately neoblastic custody mess was the defenders who report that Gulchehra Bobokulov threatened to detonate. Then even more baffling, what did the police say? When a woman burst into the crowd of people and carry out his plan?

But the root of this police disgrace in last years is that cops only destroyed the law and almost completely destroyed it. They didn’t know how to act because long ago spat on all instructions and charters.

They have one law – the word of the head! But the chief wasn’t around. That is until they called the chief, and the chief of his head, an hour passed (the same situation with the TV, while the large offices did not have time to call in Ostankino and bellow “SHUT up! I SAID SHUT UP!”, some channels managed to tell about this nightmare).

In a state of law they would have known exactly how to act, because they have a law in Russia (K: lawlessness?) there is only the will of the chief, and the situation is non-standard, and the Sergeant doesn’t know how she would react to his king and God, therefore, the most favorable (for myself) the action is inaction.

Russia is fully on manual control, is huge, but on the way drop the “extra” parts, and when the wheel finally falls off, and will remain in the hands of the driver, in a commanding voice and menacing cries of “STOP! I SAID STOP!” – this huge hulking flying off a cliff edifice will not stop”


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