Russian Owners, Part XI

Russian Crooks Department

This post ends the series about owners of Russia. Of course interesting posts of Russian bloggers will be republished here. Prime goal is to understand Russia and recognizing the most (in)famous Russian people, but I will try not to narrow the scope of Russian issues in the blog.

P.S. Details contained there were not checked or “are” not checked officially. But as movie “Archive X” goes on – “the truth is there”.

We have no palaces (V. V. Putin)
From: Putinism As It Is, 01.07.2015

(Click to enlarge) Austria, the Alps, the shore of lake Attersee. A shack of Shuvalov on 1500 sq. m.

K: You may recall who’s Shuvalov? One of the diehard Russian uber liberasts. Well, why not? One has to pay for water, electricity etc., the heck! And not for the puny 30 m2 hen house aka one room accommodation!

At a press conference in December 2014, on the question of a possible Palace coup, Putin said that “we have no palaces”. Hehe. Really, what sort of palaces. Here Zhukovka, 9 km from Moscow on Rublevka. Slums, which sheltered the kings of the state order — the Rotenberg brothers. Friends in judo, in the 1990s – a typical St Petersburg bandits.

(Click to enlarge)

Only in 2008-2013 they have received from Putin’s government contracts of more than $ 1 trillion. RUB (…)

(Click to enlarge) It is a Palace for Putin in Praskoveevka near Gelendzhik. 26 thousand sq m, 70 hectares of land, cost $ 1 billion. Built on kickbacks, including supply of medical equipment in hospitals of Russia (from the company “PETROMED”). Vovochka, by the way, is greedy. As it’s told to the West fled in 2010 Vice-President of the “PETROMED” Sergey Kolesnikov, they (Petromed) paid to Putin rolled back 35% on each purchase. The money went to Putin’s accounts in Switzerland and offshore Caribbean.


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