Meticulous And Persistent Destruction of Russian Society

War Against Russian People Department

About the murder of four girls in Moscow
From: Ivan Ushenin, March 1st, 0:56

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I am shocked to the core. I try not to talk in social media about the murders, etc., but here simply can not remain silent.

Such terrible feelings I have caused massive terrorist acts of the modern, democratic and free from the communism of Russia, which is aimed at the heart of each of us.

This murder of an innocent baby — a real attack, if not planned, then the next sentence our unfortunate country and our deceived and blinded to the Russian people.

I remember the horror when I am in Moscow, in the capital of my homeland, stood on Guryanova street on September 9, 1999 6 kilometers from my house, half destroyed standard nine-floor high-rise, about the same where I live and my family.

Then I remember the horror when after 4 days I saw the photo in the paper compact small mountains of bricks in place of 8-storey brick houses in Kashirka, which killed 124 people.

Go to the scene of the disaster I already didn’t think. And a bunch of other terrorist attacks that have become regular in Russia…

We live in a country where as a result of purposeful destruction of the real socialist and the most just society, was held a total breakdown of everything.

And the main thing — total privatization, i.e., the looting of the giant folk and state ownership by criminals and bandits, traitors and bad people are in power all these 25 years.

These subhumans have created a completely unfair and a terrible society in which everyone hates everyone, which has the same General ethnic hatred has long been the absolute norm.

And this against a background of total oligarchic propaganda about some Russian super spirituality, about some kind of revival, when newly constructed forty times forty churches, mosques, etc.

Orthodoxy and Islam everywhere — together with the universal hatred and rampant degradation.

Imagine all the attacks and horror in the same “terrible Brezhnev stagnation” in the Soviet Union was unthinkable and impossible!!!

And killing this little angel still blows your mind…

I’m always sad to laughing at the words of the murdered Talkov “Satan tired to walk, extinguished the candle, over the ball…”.

Fool Talcov and liking him nation were not aware of that “the ball of Satan”, under the call of crony capitalism, then just only started, and takes slowly all these 25 years, and the terrible culmination of this Sabbath is yet to come.


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