F**** Traitors Not Even Covering Their Faces!

Russian Traitors Department

The one fundemental error of all those remarks below, the ways of thinking and the findings is the fucking axiom that Putin is GOOD!

That he knows and does not want to have bloody revolution within Russia. But being GOOD he must know the time of reckoning will come – the Russian Crystal Night of Long Knives. If “he knows” he knows this country cannot develop in such circumstances and final blow will arrive sooner or later – the USA is working hard to precipitate the moment.

If Putin is BAD, as I claim, he will merge Russia with the West on Western conditions but with Russian “independence”. Read the sticky post of mine.

Why does Putin tolerate liberals and the policy of the Central Bank
From: Politikus, Today, 01:44

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The majority of our citizens have in mind a template that everyone in the country is responsible to the Supreme Commander in Chief Vladimir Putin. We are often guilty of thinking as though for all the hardships of life of the common man and all the troubles in the economy is responsible He and his team.

In fact, no unity of command in the modern Russian state exists. Russian policy has all the hallmarks of a mental disease named schizophrenia. Foreign policy – one, the domestic – right the opposite to the first and sometimes very hostile.

Here are some examples.

Putin with security forces conducting a brilliant operation on the accession of the Crimea.

Russian Banks are separate policies:

The Head of VTB Andrey Kostin: “the management of the Bank does not intend to prejudice the Corporation, working on the Peninsula”.

The head of Sberbank Herman Gref also called the work of the Bank in Crimea is “unacceptable” because of the sanctions. Sberbank of Russia has no plans to work in the Crimea and Sevastopol, said he, answering the questions of shareholders at the annual meeting.

At the beginning of the shareholders ‘ meeting, which was dubbed the Bank’s position on Crimea, the shareholders showed a two-minute film about the complex events of 2014. In the short film mentioned reasonable initial forecasts for the growth rate of the economy, favourable projections for oil prices, and then the events in Ukraine and “Krymnash” (the inscription was on the screen), which broke the trend. The message was obvious – blame Putin that now we, the shareholders, will earn less.

Before joining of Crimea to Russia, Sberbank has worked on the Peninsula through its Ukrainian “daughter”, then her work there was discontinued.

Another example. A group of high-ranking officials headed by Putin to protect national interests, entering into a backstage conflict with the plans of the collective of the West about our country. I think that the reader is already informed about these plans. For our country, nothing good in them. The result of this policy entry into the funnel of conflict with the West, and as a result sanctions. The liberal leadership of the Central Bank is holding overtly sabotage the policy. Instead of boosting the national economy and give domestic producers access to loans with adequate interest rates that national business could replace imports, the Central Bank extends them.

Academician of RAS Sergei Glazyev wrote about this as follows: “Following the credit crunch companies have reduced working capital investments and roll, what we observe in terms of GDP and investment in fixed capital. The same enterprises, which allows the market to raise prices, have to do this to pass on to consumers the increase in costs on payment of percent for the loan – so cranking up inflation.Here we were in a stagflationary trap: raised the key rate twice as high as the profitability of the production sector, the Central Bank switched the money flows in the economy on the financial market, which quickly began to swell the monetary segment.”

Another example. Security forces are creating the newest Armata tank has 4 levels of protection, technology which has overtaken the West in 10-15 years. Liberals in the government want to privatize the manufacturer Armata, Uralvagonzavod and put it at the service of private interests.

And if only the Ural Wagon Plant… the Government plans to privatize the strategic defense company “Helicopters of Russia” and the KLA. There are plans to reduce state participation from 69.5 % to 50% in Rosneft. Waiting for privatization and Bashneft. RZD will sell a third of the shares. I want to lower the share in VTB to 50%.Next, RusHydro , ALROSA (25%), Rostelecom (to sell), Aeroflot (25%), Sovcomflot (25%). The liberals also intend to sell the airports Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. Then follows the list of less significant entities.All this will be done in conditions of low market prices for Russian assets. Systematycznie assets will be transferred to the Russian oligarchs, who for 25 years has proved, are not the effective owners.

The list of contradictions on this is not exhausted. Medvedev’s liberal government consistently and openly refuses to fulfill may decrees of Putin aimed at social goals. Powers it transferred to the regions without cash collateral, resulting in increased salaries of doctors and teachers at the cost of reducing their numbers, a new round of closing schools and hospitals.

Medvedev’s colleagues attributed this to the lack of money in the budget, cynically gloating not only over us but also over the President. After all, half a trillion rubles on the Olympics in Sochi there were no constraints (and no one from the government did not talk about their absence), while in January-November 2015 unused Fund balances budget increased by 2 trillion! And half a smaller amount at the may decrees Putin (despite the fact that balances the budget without movement lying as much as 8 trillion roubles) to find, it turns out, impossible!

The reason is simple, says Mikhail Delyagin: “a Large theft, as far as can be judged, is not contrary to modern liberal values, because the stolen money comes into the financial system of developed countries, serving ultimately to global business. The direction of money for the benefit of the people leads them out of control global business and is from his point of view mismanagement and squandering of funds, but from the point of view of the liberal heresy, ideological crime.”

I will mention in this article about the fall in oil prices and its consequence. The US having huge impact on OPEC oil cartel artificially lowered oil prices, blocking the flow of currency in Russia. In this regard, in the last 2 years we have observed greater volatility of the ruble and its depreciation against the dollar. The Central Bank, instead of to prevent manipulation of ruble exchange rate, in fact this is encouraged, not applying internationally accepted measures for stabilization of national currency exchange rate.Furthermore, the ruble exchange rate speculations, to make enormous profits on the destabilization of the market at the expense of devaluation of rouble incomes and savings of citizens.

Such examples, demonstrating the split in the governance of the country a lot of!

There is a diarchy. It is obvious that the country is ruled by two elite groups: one – Putin’s (called “security forces”), relies on the people. Second – comprador’s, which is based on the relationship with the West (nominally “liberals”). Putin keeps a balance against this group and does NOT go with her into conflict.

Imagine if it was the conditions that you are in the same house living with a bandit who steals from you. In fact you pay him tribute through the purchase of new things that he will steal tomorrow. Will keep the balance with him? It is obvious that it must be very hard to be depended from this bandit, to keep him in balance.

The profitability of the Russian economy is enormous. Speculators and offshore business withdrawn there from together about 100 billion dollars a year. The idea is that if it wasn’t for this tribute that we humbly pay to the West, by arranging such holes in the economy, Russia would have been the world’s hegemonic power. Why we pay this tribute of modern the Golden Horde? Why the plight of ordinary Russian people now is to wean itself from money in the best?

Why Putin still tolerate liberals and why does he needs this group?

By answering these questions, you could write a good thesis or a book.

The well-known publicist, Professor of MGIMO Valentin Katasonov explains what is happening:

“You know, I would like to start from afar. Our society is sick. Single person is also sick. And, perhaps, I would have this disease called a kind of schizophrenic split personality. And no one is immune from this disease including the President himself. That is, on the one hand we want to be independent, and on the other hand we are not ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of his independence. As the poet Goethe: “Only that is worthy happiness and freedom who each day does battle”. But modern man does not understand that you should actually choose…He stopped in front of the choice and cannot make a final decision. But, in the end, the history of the us makes this choice”.

As the author of this article I’d add that the unwillingness of the President to make a choice in favor of the course to independence from the West, was probably due to the fact that not ready for neither society nor the elite of Russia. Because the consequences of that choice – it’s war with the West: hybrid, cold, economic, ideological and perhaps in some regions hot. And the internal war, the rich class of people who will oppose such a policy. This internal war means the repression and cleansing.

Is the huge country able to exist in this regime of dual power in the long run?

Question, one might say, rhetorical. The answer will give us the recent History.

Dmitry Pugachev
Source: https://vk.com/elisey2015


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