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Minsk-2 betrayal is coming on… It’ll be the 3d of March, in two days. Always read my sticky post first before reading any other posts of mine. If you wanna understand anything from this Matrix of Russian lives administered by Kremlin’s nest of traitors.

BTW. I’m emotional kid of nearly 60. But I think about Novorossia, New Russia in English, warmly and with care. Search for the Truth always.

Memory Lane. Svetlana Gushchina (“Alan”)
From: od_novorossia, 10:33 pm on February 29th, 2016

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In Ilovaysk began fighting the way Svetlana Gushchina (“Alan”). In this city she was born and lived before the war with his daughter, worked on the railroad. In the summer of 2014 the Punisher killed her best friend with her husband. Almost killed myself and Svetlana caught up in the environment in one of the buildings. After the liberation of Ilovaisk she and her daughter briefly went to Russia, but to stay there are unable. Returning to the Donbass, joined the division of “Motorola” “Sparta” as the nurses. At the end of 2014 “Alan” has married into one of the militias. Their marriage they were going to register in Russia, but the situation at the front was too heavy to leave.Services Svetlana took place at the Donetsk airport. “Nurse hell” — so called himself this cheerful brave woman.

(

“Grief brings. We become a single whole. Like-minded people. We have one goal — victory!”, they used to say “Alan” in that interview[1].

Killed Svetlana Gushchina (in baptism – Photinia) in just 10 hours before the start of the next “truce”…

To memory of the rebel Svetlana Callsign ‘Allan’ is dedicated to…

Published on Feb 20, 2015

“Women are too strong in spirit!”

Filmed for a week yeah. She is dead (06.02.14) at the Donetsk airport…
We Sveta were not friends, met there, in Donetsk to the airport, she and Elena, my old friend, offered to stay and I agreed. The night spent there – was a little crazy, constantly invoked the militia wounded, the sick, they were given first aid; came “guests” brought even nowhere grafted on best of the cake.

The missiles fell somewhere nearby, and then transmitted by radio, that are headed our way ukrop’s technology – I presented the possibility of assault and was horrified…

But it was at night, and before that she asks all day and all night talked and talked about himself… as they were surrounded in a building in Ilovaysk, had killed her best friend with her husband, and how she lost control when she took him to the traitor that caused their death. About your daughter and husband.

About the trip to Russia.

I wanted to remove volunteer wedding – Light invited for registration in Russia (they were registered only in DPR). We were joking, playing around, I showed them the captured pictures and videos.

They were at the airport the fourth day, their group was sent on a week. It was very cold… the dirt… unsanitary… the stove is constantly producing…

In the morning she asks, completely exhausted, fell asleep right in the chair…

In the morning we went on the “road of life” to the underground Parking, I stayed with the militia and, distracted, no time to say goodbye to the girls…

February 14, at two o’clock, in Donetsk Sveta came back from the hospital from a wounded husband, she doesn’t have time to get to his unit a few tens of meters – the shard, the exploding of a shell, hit in the chest…

She was very cheerful, bright, brave – “boy-Baba” – a real Russian woman who has performed his duty and did not go against his conscience.

The Kingdom Of Heaven, Sveta! Hope you’re There now…

Your fleeting friend – Natalia Batraeva


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