Russian Owners, Part VII

Russian Crooks Department

The case is about 130 billion and management impotence
From: Max Kalashnikov, February 25th, 2016, 10:20 am

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With genuine interest look at the history with the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, who said about the lack of 130 billion rubles for anti-crisis program of the government for 2016 and going head to head with the Ministry of economy. As I expected, in Russia the crisis of governance entail social and economic disaster.

Actually the question about where to get the 130 billion – the problem is not fatal. Starting with the fact that you simply refuse to conduct Youth Festival in 2017 and the Universiada in 2019 this can be under a hundred billion to find. And, you can freeze the construction of the Parliamentary Center in Moscow on 70 billion – the country needs it, like a fish needs an umbrella. And, you can abandon the football World Cup-2018 – and to find funds many times. Now the industry and the agricultural industry where it is necessary, for it is Cold War 2 for undermining the country’s economy. Are you football and festivities want to win it? Siluanov on these reserves keep silence. I expect expenses (21 billion) to support the creation of new equipment in mechanical engineering. Since banks in the Russian Federation under credits incapacitated and can’t take it (banks replaced the budget), how do you intend to achieve competitiveness at the Russian Federation?

In the end, these $ 150 billion could quietly issue – Russia’s GDP even according to official data, monetized only by 46%. Emission and spend as targeted loans at low interest rates. As do all normal countries. Moreover, the reserves of import substitution and “exportsware” in Russia is huge. (…)

No – the Ministry of Finance urged to make cuts in the program of state support of real sector. So, apparently, the crisis in Russia became heavier and soon began a political crisis?


All of this comes on the background of increasing crisis of regional budgets and the impending bankruptcy of the “VAZ“. (When the area of socio-economic disaster can become Togliatti). Decent price for the “effective management”, isn’t it? You can only wistfully remember those 50 billion dollars that drove poorly in the Sochi Olympics, failed to nowhere. Machine Park should be animated! (…)


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