Russian Owners, Part II

Russian Crooks Department

Meet the future “patriot-billionaire”
From: Eduard Communist, February 21st, 23:05

(Click to enlarge) The son of Vladimir Kolokoltseva diverse business interestsPhoto: Anton Belitsky © URA.Ru

The son of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev is engaged in several business projects at once. As it turned out, 33-year-old Alexander Kolokoltsev is a partner of fast-paced development of the group “the stink” and it is developing a chain of Italian restaurants Il Forno and companies involved in the development of websites and applications for mobile operators.

The President “Stinkoma” David Stepanyan have joint projects with the son of the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva — 33-year-old Alexander Kolokoltsev, “Vedomosti”. The company is engaged in construction of shopping centers and hotels in Moscow.

According to the company’s partners, these are independent entrepreneurs, as their business is relatively small, but very dynamic and looks promising. “They very carefully do their job, they have high quality development, the European approach — in General, there is a feeling that the next candidates in the list of the largest investor from Forbes”, — said the employee of a large consulting company.

Fully here

What a talented boy growing up the Minister of Interior. Who in his 33 years may enter the list of Forbes. No, not even close to hinting that the 33-year-old Alexander Kolokoltsev, has amassed his fortune through his father. After all, everyone knows that Russia is a country rich in talent. So what if, by coincidence, he was the son of the Minister of Internal Affairs. That such sons cannot be born talented “Patriotic billionaires”? So Putin has a talented son-in-law Kirill Shamalov, already had time to be on this list. And Rotenberg also eating gifted children themselves who accumulated billions. Naturally, without the help of their fathers and Putin. They earned their billions with the sweat and blood. So there’s nothing to slander the son of Kolokoltseva. Better meet the future “patriot-billionaire”. Which will soon join the list of oligarchs in Russia.

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