Russian Owners, Part I

Russian Crooks Department

About “downshifters” in the power
From: PolitShturm, Feb. 25th, 2016 at 8:54 PM

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As Hegel said – history teaches us that nothing teaches us. Once again this is confirmed perfectly by the example of Russia, which turned into the nineties in the Resource Federation into a raw colony of global imperialism, a supplier of oil and gas, and yet the huge market for Western monopolistic transnational syndicates and corporations, thereby, reiterating quite the history of the early twentieth century, when Russia was one of the most backward countries of the world, when Nicholas II made the country dependent on the Entente resource colony, and involved Russia in a fratricidal imperialist slaughter.

And again, as in the twentieth century, we lag behind the advanced capitalist countries for many decades, again, required an enormous leap forward, again required the greatest exertion.

Once again Russia has become a “non-downshifters”, once again we become dependent on Western capital, Western imperialism colony resource, because once in the nineties, the power was seized Yeltsin and company, the issue of independence of Russia was removed from the agenda as this independence was not in the interests of the authorities, on the contrary, Russia has turned into a real puppet of the Western imperialists.

As the “civilized world” there was nothing more or less self-sufficient Russia that Western corporations didn’t need a competitor, producing a wide range of goods and at the same time they were desperately in need of a new, undeveloped, loose and bulk market, in our country there has been an intensive de-industrialization in the course of privatization, during which all Soviet industry was divided between its former Directors, former high-level party bureaucrats and various kinds of criminal scum.

In the eighties began the process of plundering Soviet legacy – when there was a “national treasure” – Gazprom. Was wrong, Oh how wrong was Stalin’s Commissar Kaganovich survived to these shameful times, when he wrote in his memoirs that “we cannot privatize the industry.”

After all the gaidarites, sobchakites, berezovskites and others looted all the Soviet legacy, was held to de-industrialization and the destruction of entire left over from the USSR economy, Yeltsin and Co began large-scale “reformation” of the Russian economy, or, in other words, the dispensation of the Russian economy by liberal colonial pattern.

This process is carefully supervised by a variety of Western advisers and mentors, under their close supervision and lined up the current Russia, for their advice and built our country on these models and we live on today, because the current Putin’s “stability” is a direct evolution of and the logical conclusion of the nineties, though in official Russian propaganda, this thesis is refuted in every way, and on the contrary, Putin’s “stability” and the nineties are opposed with might and main, the broad masses of workers are being bullied in a variety of horror stories in the spirit of “if not Putin, then would come the nineties/the country fell apart/we would have taken the West etc., underline”.


In this paper, we are interested in more than just what happened at the beginning of the two thousandth’s, when came to power, our “kinglet gas station” Putin. After the so-called “election” (and in fact the appointment of oligarchs) to the post of President, began forming his “team of thieves” – Cabinet of Ministers, the government, etc. Then was formed by the government of Kasyanov, now one of the major liberal “opposition” leaders and liberal of party “PARNASSUS”.

To the same government was invited Mr. German Gref (by “coincidence” a graduate of the law faculty of Leningrad University), for him it was specially created the position of Minister of Economic Development.

Thus, at the origins of modern Putin’s economy is actually Mr. Gref. After Gref was dismissed from this post, but as a “consolation prize” got their hands on most important tool any financial oligarch – Bank – that he became the head of Sberbank of Russia.

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This is the same Gref, who claimed in 2012 that he was afraid would “transfer power actually in the hands of the population” – he wasn’t afraid, in reply to Mr. Gref, we are here – the bourgeoisie always afraid of the coming revolution, always afraid of “the actual power of population” – i.e. the dictatorship of the proletariat, to any ruthless exploiter and capitalist.

Our reader may ask – what was done this historical digression? The answer becomes quite clear by itself below.

Recently, on January 15, Mr. Gref during the Gaidar forum, dedicated to the memory of one of the “founding fathers” of our current oligarchic, comprador state, the latter declared publicly that “Russia lost to global competition”, that “we were on the list of countries that lose in the list of countries of downshifters”, and – I quote – “countries that have not had time to adapt to their own economy, will be much lower. The gap will be greater than during the last industrial revolution”.


This is what started the campaign for the redistribution of property and resources, pretentious propagandists declared from the authority of the “war on oligarchs” and “bringing order”, “the revival of Russia”; in fact, it was indeed “war with oligarchs”, but the oligarchs fought among themselves – it was not class war, the workers gained nothing from this war – the only one with this something getting screwed (read – enriched) is the only company standing behind Putin and the oligarchs (well, and the “vertical of power”, of course, quite sickly profited from this redistribution) – they managed to carry out a redistribution of property, to drive out their competitors-fellow oligarchs, to establish its monopoly in the economy and in power, in politics -and approved, finally, as an oligarchic ruling clique.

In fact, the whole history since the mid nineties and by the end of zero – this is the stage of formation of the dominant clique of oligarchs, its separation from the total mass created whole bunch of oligarchs, the internecine struggle within the oligarchy, the struggle between clans of oligarchs, and finally, the subsequent elevation of this ruling clique and the establishment of its monopoly on everything and everyone.

It is in the context of this struggle and should consider the notorious “case of Yukos”, when the oligarch-robber Khodorkovsky was deprived of power and property by the same oligarchs-thieves and repressed him – any and every “opposition” riff-raff now makes this oligarchische simply SS the Saint, the Martyr and the victim of the Putin regime – but who’s there to regret? – certainly not Khodorkovsky, and well worth all the working masses, all the masses of workers, poor masses and the poor who always suffer in any bourgeois government. Khodorkovsky and only ate the same brothers-the oligarchs, what was the class position and it now remains for the consciousness itself “victim” Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

…Who else can we call this the ruling of a handful of oligarchs?

For example, they include such notorious individuals as Sechin, Rotenberg and many others. For consideration of this whole rabble of robbers and exploiters need to dedicate a whole separate article, the same article will focus on the first two gentlemen.

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First, Igor Sechin, was the first one of the officials-managers, were in positions in the government. According to the excerpt from his biography, “may 23, 2012, shortly after the accession of Putin to the post of President of the Russian Federation for a third term, Sechin appointed President of Rosneft, and former President Eduard Khudainatov was given the post of Vice-President”, i.e., repeated after the “triumphal” return Putin to the presidency, Mr Sechin became the Manager of one of the largest monopolies “raw power”.


Also, it should be noted particularly Mr. Rotenberg, or rather, the latter-day dynasty of Rotenberg. First, this is the first generation of oligarchs-Rotenberg, Rotenberg, Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg and Boris Romanovich (citizen of Finland). Characteristically, the first In 1964 became involved in the struggle (Sambo, then judo) at the trainer of Anatoly Rakhlin, in the same group with Vladimir Putin in Leningrad. In a word, it becomes quite evident that there is a long-standing relationship between the oligarch and our “garantismo”, it is understandable and clear presence of nepotism and cronyism, it becomes clear how the Rotenberg managed to accumulate such vast fortunes and occupy such high positions, to hog his share of many companies and become one of the pillars of the oligarchic Resource Federation.

Both brothers are among the largest property owners in Russia – the state of the first approximately equal to one billion dollars, the second state is approximately one billion US dollars. Are brothers by blood and by business partners.

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More noteworthy is the first of two brothers-oligarchs, namely A. R. Rotenberg. It is a complete monopoly-tycoon – in his hands as the focus of industrial capital, and financial and commodity rents.

In addition to this, this brother is a crook, as one of the most close to Putin oligarchs, receives a variety of benefits as the main contractor and by a variety of government contracts – for example, executes the orders of Gazprom or one of the developers of toll roads (that is, gets access to a permanent source of income in the form of rent for us).

Also, this Gospodin brought in big business and his “Golden” son – Igor Rotenberg, who is the co-owner of many major companies and monopolies of the country, and also serves on the boards of Directors of several companies.

Also, this offspring of his father-the oligarch is one of the performers-contractors of the state order for the construction of toll roads, one of the implementers of the system “Platon” – to charge tolls on those routes with truck drivers (which includes not only petty-bourgeois self-employed drivers, but also workers who do not own the truck and not having own business), thus, this gentleman-capitalist is becoming one of the recipients of the “travel rents” -it is easy to imagine what enormous profits will flow into the hands of this oligarch, when the system “Plato” will be running at full capacity and will commence permanent regular charge card, when will the robbery of the petty-bourgeois truckers and small transport companies which all losses from this tax will be covered by the workers on the rig workers and the increase of transportation tariffs, which will lead to (surprise, huh?) – increase the final cost of goods for the population. (…)


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