I Came, I Read, I Understood

Russian Matrix Department

Nearly two months ago I have begun to publish here Russian bloggers’ posts and other texts from Russian websites. Because the Western world is in vices of MSM lies, I always tried to find out “independent” Russian language sources and with the help of Yandex translate them to English. It was heck of hard work time, for many hours a day, but my private adventure have appeared to be exceptionally fruitful.

The title says everything about the adventure. I have came close to the point of understanding Putin’s ways of doing things. Of course, there’s no chance to understand everything or all ramifications, the decisions are made behind the Kremlin’s doors. And not in vain Putin’s called “mnogohodovok” (or diminutively “mnogohodovochek”) what means “multi-paths-strategist”. But few things I can say now. Using big letters. Not shouting, but underlining my state of understanding.

Russians live in Kremlin’s Matrix

Putin tries to save Russian sovereignty
to shore up the status of his cronies
surrendering Russia
to the Western world of global
hegemonic corporate capitalism

Everything I have been reading leads to a sad and bitter end. Which one? I don’t know. I’m afraid nobody in the world knows the End, be it Moscow or Washington (together with Pentagon and Langley). The Fate is unwritten yet.

If you think I’m wrong, good, OK with me. The salient point is whether Mr. Putin knows how to deal with all the tough issues ahead of Russia… The picture below proves he knows and he’s ready.

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