Beloruskaya Mova and Kremlinskaya Impotentsya

Russian Impotence and Disintegration Department

What worth is Russia with present Kremlin, with present Moscow elite, with present Russian President, which they do not give a damn to Russian, Russian culture and Russian language? When they allow to eradicate, erase, delete and cancel all what are close to the root of “Russia”? Those remarks below I wrote several times in posts in my former blogs (now defunct) – few years of doing nothing and population of Ukraine would be Ukrainized with young generation choosing Ukraine language. Thanks God Ukraine aka 404 now, went through a drainage. Neither state, neither nation. What’s sad, the same fate is awaiting Russia, thanks to Putin and other pervasive Russian liberasts.

Wide, but not free…
From: volk1-donbass, February 29th, 2016, 10:18 am

(Click to enlarge) Russian road to the Future (from Train to Nowhere – Siberian Arctic Railroad)

Of course, when, in 1936, Vasily Lebedev-Kumach and Isaac Dunaevsky wrote the famous song “Broad is my native land”, and they could not imagine, that after some half century, their country will destroy from the inside the crooks in power, and that the Russian people live in it will be not so at ease. The living space is shrinking Russian, anti-Russian sentiment in the republics of the former Soviet Union the year after year increase, the Russian enclave, too, ceased to represent a stable and reliable Bank security.

In the center of a European capital city — Kiev — Russians once again started the riots. In a sense, they resemble a Jewish on the eve of the Second world war. So “heroes” of the “revolution of dignity” has celebrated the second anniversary of the bloody carnage on the Maidan, organized by foreign secret services. Under the hot hand of the rioters were the offices of Akhmetov (the Ukrainian militants Pro-Russian oligarch), channel “17”, “Sberbank of Russia” and “Alfa-Bank”. A mob calling itself “revolutionary headquarters of the right forces” threw stones at the Windows of offices, vandalized several Bank branches from the inside.One brick came in and the Bank “Khreschatyk”, had to apologize, as the Bank helped the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”.


What’s really going on? The Russian government is already for two years helping the Ukrainian regime to retain power, making allowances for gas, forgives debts, supplies coal, including from victims of extermination of Donbass, capitalizes the banks. Thus prolonging the agony of a dying state, which for many years was the guarantor of stable operation of the gas transportation system and gas supply to European countries. In fact, and now the disintegration of Ukraine is a headache for Gazprom, and the Kremlin is interested in the integrity of the state vampire much more than his own power.

As a result, today, even in mixed Ukrainian-Russian families, the children are choosing the Ukrainian identity. It is a General trend associated with the total anti-Russian and anti-Russian propaganda and security of existence. After Ukraine left the Crimea actually “broke” the Donbass, has completely changed the balance of political power in this country.If all the previously conducted election campaign showed an approximate equilibrium is conditionally Pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian forces, now less than seven million voters of the Crimea and the Donbass republics of the balance swung sharply in the direction of the nationalists and pro Western. At the election of the President of Ukraine in 2010, the number of votes for Victor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko in the second round were distributed as 12 481 266 million against 11 million 593 357.



By the way, Latvia in addition to its sprats, balsam and Riga art Nouveau buildings, is the largest Russian Diaspora abroad — 27% of the total population of the country. At the same time, in addition to ethnic Russians, for whom this is their native language, the Russian language in the family, according to the census of the population, communicates 37% of the population of the Republic. However, the new government of Latvia under the guidance of Marisa Kuchinskisa preparing a plan of abandonment of the Russian language in schools. To start the transition to teaching in Latvian in state and municipal schools is scheduled before September 1, 2018.Also taken note of the dissenting opinion of the Association about the need to cancel the issuance of residence permits for the purchase of property.

“This means that Russian citizens of Latvia, who constitute the largest national minority in this country, becomes a language of herd, depriving the chief wealth of all Russian — language”, — the blogger writes Russorum. According to the laws of the European Union, who cares about all kinds of minorities, all member countries the EU should introduce official bilingualism for a much smaller minority. For example, Swedish is the second state for five per cent of the Swedish minority.But for some reason this time and tolerant of the Brussels bureaucrats, and the Latvian government tactfully silent, continuing political and linguistic discrimination of the Russian population. Moreover, many Russian residents of Latvia Russophobic Latvian government still denies citizenship — 25 years after the collapse of the USSR.



Short hours, go in the world behind Latvia and now Ukraine the Republic of Belarus is part of the Union state. Relations of Belarus and Russia was far from perfect in recent years, with the introduction against Russia Western sanctions and Samosenko they apparently escalated.Western and liberal Russian media, of course, exaggerate the depth of the crisis, however, political analyst Valery Karbalevich believes that no friendship and partnership between Russia and Belarus, no, the Belarusian authorities are lying all the time and Russia, and its citizens, and Russia behaves as the Imperial bear, forgetting the brotherly people and the state, which have nothing to do.


Today, the interests of Minsk and Brussels was to some extent close to each other. Each of the parties, trying to find a solution to their economic problems, began to search for workarounds official European and American politicians. Therefore, in the short term, if the background of the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine political relations between the EU and Russia will continue to deteriorate, the EU sanctions against Belarus will only continue to soften. Nobody in the EU does not hide that he is not waiting for reforms, and distance from Russia.

This distancing has begun in Minsk two years ago, together with the consideration of the bill about the destruction of the Russian place names. Phenomenon in Belarus called policy of “soft Belarusization”. The authorities of the former Soviet Republic universally replaced Russian-speaking pointers settlements and began the imposition of the romanized population of a special version of the font. For example, in the Minsk metro did not have a single pointer in Russian, but in addition to Belarusian-language signs have appeared also duplicate them on “the Czech Latin alphabet”.

According to the bill’s choice of public discussion, names of geographical objects required to file solely on “Belarusian language”, which makes a translation into Russian language and Russian-language place names translated into “Belaruskaya mova” and then after the transcription is served “Russian version”.In the Constitution — the equal status of two state languages — Russian and Belarusian, but it is not like the nationalist Pro-Western opposition, which is increasingly on their meetings says: “If you speak Russian, you’re in the occupying army, they shoot their own people”.


The U.S. is waging a cold war against Russia and did not hide their intentions to split the Eurasian and Customs Union, — to quarrel with Russia and Kazakhstan. For this purpose they use Ukrainian and Russian political technologists, as well as Kazakh opposition, in particular, living abroad. In the political sense of Kazakh nationalism is still a child who makes its first steps. Those few who today proclaims slogans in Kazakh nationalism on the fingers of one hand to count. However, a few years ago so it was in Central Ukraine.

Two years ago, a famous film Director, honored art worker of Russia, people’s artist of Russia, holder of “Golden palm” Alexander Sokurov in an interview, stressed that apart from Ukraine, there is another Republic, a war which is not only possible, but also very formidable. This is Kazakhstan, where there are severe with regards to our compatriots things. Kazakhstan, according to Sokurov, is gradually replacing the Russian-speaking population from its territory, people here are running. Have long been restrictions on the use of the Russian language and even approved the program on transition of Kazakh language to the Latin script, which has divided the society into supporters and opponents. One for Western civilization, other in the East. Does any of this sound familiar in light of recent events in other republics of the Union?

Sokurov believes that to solve the Ukrainian or Kazakh question with the help of Russian weapons is impossible. And this is certainly true. But by and large, these issues cannot be resolved in any way. Over 25 years of post-Soviet Russia, and no one involved in the problems of compatriots abroad. “Bloody harvest” was not long in coming. After all, if the issues are not solved by the Russian authorities, they will decide the power of another, including by using weapons, as is happening in the Donbass.

However, Russia itself is becoming uncomfortable. And not only migrants but also local residents. Gradually narrows the space of living of the Russian population, leaving the Caucasus and other national education. 80 years later after writing the great song “Wide is my Motherland”, which was to make the anthem of Russia, we have to admit that the Russian people breathe in it is not so at ease. But not because the Russians have changed.Because another was a system of government, have changed the mechanisms of manipulation, degraded culture and education, another, anti-people and immoral became the power. The need for change is ripe for a long time. Already becomes overripe, and bigger shocks.

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