Victims in Novorossia And Dimwit Ayphonya

Victims in Novorossia Department

It’s not my invention the name under the picture, it’s from Russian blogs. Contrasts between Russian government and Novorossia are real, not result of my medial manipulations.

News of Novorossiya: 4000 killed, kidnappings in DPR, tears of “shpionky-pravoseka” (right-sector petty-spy)
From:, 25 Feb 2016

(Click to enlarge) Dimwit Ayphonya, from How to lose the war 26-02-2016, 03:23

Irina Petrenko, FAN, News Novorossia, February 27.
The bloody results – four thousand dead, kidnappings in the Donbass, Poroshenko is trying to rescue “shpyonka” Varfolomeev.

The bloody results of the

Ukrainian law enforcers over the past day 231 times fired at the frontal territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), injured a woman. On Friday informed the Ministry of Defense DPR. “In the Petrovsky district as a result of a mortar attack injured 63-year-old woman” – said the representative office.

In addition, according to the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Donetsk Republic, for the past week as a result of shelling the territory of the DPR from the positions of the APU killed 11 local residents from among the militia and civilians.

“From 20 to 26 February as a result of hostilities in DPR killed 11 people, including nine soldiers and two DNR – civil”, — noted in Department.

In total, according to official data of the office of the DPR Ombudsman, since the beginning of armed conflict in the Donbass killed 3971 man: 3388 men and 583 women. 6201 people were injured of varying severity.

The Ukrainian side also reported violations of the ceasefire, blaming it on militias, also reported the deaths of the last day of one soldier of the armed forces.

Read more about the military situation in the Donbass over the past day, read today’s summary of Federal Agency news from rubric “First Ukrainian”.

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