Igor Strelkov On The Fate Of Russia In 2016

25 January Committee Department


This text is so important in Russian social and political developments before Autumn elections it goes in red.

Whatever some Russian Putriots or other “anti Russian columnists” (of 5th and 6th columns) say or write fade away with the remarks of Strelkov put forward in open text. Read in full and carefully. 25 January Committee was born to no avail or to fail. Some were saying few years ago that Strelkov is destined to do “something”. Those “kassandering”, like me, were suggesting clearly “what” but I prefer the goal to leave opened.

Few words on Strelkov, equally serious and sober, expressed El Murid today (Анатолий Несмиян – Anatoly Nesmian). His post here soon.

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NOTE: The text describes what Strelkov said, contains shorts. You may reach for all parts of Strelkov statements during Stavropol meetings. Here addresses:

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BTW. The Yandex translation is so good I didn’t correct it, Anyway I got no time to publish all the interesting topics. Here How many of them I selected for two days. I will sieve them once more and push them here tomorrow.

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Gloomy forecasts of the Colonel of FSB
From: OPEN TOWN, Author: Vyacheslav Matushkin, 24.02.2016 07:12

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Last week visited Stavropol Igor Strelkov the man can rightly be called one of the Central figures of the short-lived Russian spring of 2014. His arrival, ahead of the widely publicized by the local media, all the days that followed, as if enveloped in a veil of silence. And no wonder: not only journalists, but officials did not know how to respond to statements by Strelkov that Russia is on the verge of a coup.

Yesterday a hero, today persona non grata

From the first day of arrival, the former leader of the Donetsk militia and ex-defense Minister of the unrecognized DPR was in a difficult situation. Here is what Eugene Dukhin one of the leaders of the public organization the Parent Committee of the Stavropol territory , engaged in the preparations for the visit of Strelkova:

Initially we had no idea what opposition will be faced! It would seem, comes this famous and respected man, a patriot. But suddenly at the last moment began to receive waivers from pre-agreed rental of the premises, one after another canceled meeting. Was literally on the go to define new options. Thank God, there were compassionate people who have provided support.Eventually Igor got the opportunity to meet with residents and members of the public and tell about his vision of the political situation prevailing in the country

That is the vision that is the reason for the sudden change of attitude to Strelkov from officials: instead of this Patriotic speeches he said things are so tough that they just do not fit in the usual system of political coordinates.

The person who made the first shot

The hero of the Donetsk stayed in Stavropol three days from 15 to 17 February, after spending only two full meetings: on the basis of the local branch of the Communist party and in the audience CSTI. The first can be called a kind of irony of fate: positioning themselves Orthodox monarchist, Shooters have a platform to speak from their ideological opponents.

Guest repeatedly stressed that he came at the invitation of the local Patriotic like-minded people, tasks on creation in the Stavropol territory of any structure not intended, and the program of the visit originally did not provide for ready-made lectures or speeches.

However, the topic of communication with the audience was identified: the war in the Ukraine and in Syria, the situation in Russia and the possibility of emergence on its borders of new hotspots. It is not surprising that the first questions concerned the events on the Donbass and the role of the Strelkov.

From the point of view of the overall development of the situation in the Donbass and Ukraine in General, the civil war began not us, says the guest. It began in Kyiv Berkut fighters killed , with shootings in the back the demonstrators. So her first act began absolutely without my participation or my friends. Another issue is that in the Donbass war was started by us, and the first shots fired we. And although no one was killed or injured, formally it is our actions here become the beginning of a military campaign. Accordingly, I assume our share of responsibility that anyone not going to shift.

According to Strelkov, militias originally hoped for a repetition of the Crimean scenario, the implementation of which the whole South-East of Ukraine was to become part of Russia. As the worst, but reasonable, option was to create an independent state, the Union of the Russian Federation. These illusions rebels skillfully fueled from the outside. The change in Russian government policy and the recognition of presidential powers Petro Poroshenko has made all the difference.

Today there is ongoing fighting, and people dying, he says. The Ukrainian army is preparing for war until victory, despite the Minsk negotiations. Donbass is bleeding ulcer, its population demoralized. I greatly demoralized, like the majority of the patriots: we’re back to where we started…

War as a stage coup

According to Colonel (it is in the title of the Shooters went to the reserve shortly before the Ukrainian events), the participation of Russia in the ongoing, smoldering conflict mostly in favor of its geopolitical opponents of the U.S. and its Western partners.

They need a slow, demoralizing war, he said. In the Donbass, in Syria, wherever will be able to catch Russia in the trap of armed confrontation.

Among potential sources of conflict Strelkov calls the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia (here at any moment can be activated Georgia, thirsting for revenge for the defeat in 2008), Central Asia.

The conclusion from all this is obvious: without the ability to apply decisive blow on either of external military enemies weakened by internal economic crisis, Russia has become an easy prey to the West. There remains only one step to change of power: Palace coup or similar to Ukrainian Maidan, which the country will switch to radical liberals as from among the non-systemic opposition (like Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Kasyanov), and their associates in the ruling party (provisionally designated as the Corporation ).Last Shooters does not name names, but in the process of communication sound the names of V. Surkov, G. Gref, Mikhail Zurabov, A. Chubais.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a President

A good example of how quickly events can develop and occur destabilization, is Ukraine. Hardly imagines himself a great political strategist Viktor Yanukovych ever thought about emigration. But in the end turned out to be a political bankrupt: having no popularity in the Western regions of the country, he was rapidly losing it, and in Pro-Russian Eastern regions.

Something similar, according to Strelkov, can expect Vladimir Putin, the Crimean position which became a kind of Rubicon, once and for all separated him from the liberal representatives of the Corporation:

In 2014, Putin has made an irreversible step: liberals never will support, because the West has handed him a black mark. Accordingly, all of our Pro-Western oligarchs are working against him. And support the patriots he is rapidly losing. Putin still has time, but every day its less and less. If the President will return to a Patriotic stance, the liberal revolution will be impossible.

What do you do sir?

So, the apocalyptic scenario, but any recommendations what to do in case of deterioration of the political situation, the former leader of the militia. By analogy with the events of August 1991, and February, 1917, he called for preventing the collapse of the country and to confront the Westerners. To this end less than a month ago in Moscow on the basis of the public movement Novorossiya Committee was established on 25 January, which consisted of the Strelkov, writers Eduard Limonov and Maxim Kalashnikov, the nationalist Konstantin Krylov, Egor Prosvirnin, the number of well-known bloggers and publicists.

According to Strelkova, the purpose of the Committee is the creation of a third political patriotic force able to be an alternative both to the weakening guardians of the Kremlin regime and to the liberal opposition. At the same time stressed that the current government is much more acceptable than the possible Pro-Western alternative, and its potential allies can become Patriotic war, representatives of special services and the business community.

The fire brigade of the country so call the Committee to its creators, making it clear that their goal is to extinguish the fire of global turmoil, in case of realization of the revolutionary scenario. From the first days of its existence, the fire Department has gone through a real barrage of criticism from both the opposition and supporters of the current government (General chorus even joined the representatives of the ROC).

Answering the question about the future of the established Association, the Shooters said that he would not reformat the Committee in the party structure nor personally participate in the elections nor support any of existing political forces. How can there be elections on a fire team? he smiled. On the question of how his colleagues are going to put out the possible fire of the revolution spread his hands and say, prepare, prepare yourself…

I would not want to disappoint Igor Ivanovich, but the region is the discord region, and the Stavropol territory, his supporters are unlikely to give the opportunity to act as a kind of political firefighters . Rather, these functions will impose on the police and internal forces, and those will be from the heart to extinguish the protest with batons and water cannons. But in this case, if the distemper spread from Moscow throughout the country.

It’s hard to say how real political predictions Strelkov. In the past century the peoples of Russia twice found themselves unprepared for the collapse of power and subsequent troubled times . Can skeptical shrug. But looking at war-torn Ukraine, in memory somehow POPs up the image of the Trojan Cassandra, who predicted the destruction of his native city, and weeping over its ruins.

Curriculum vitae: Igor Ivanovich Strelkov (real name Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin) was born in 1970. As a volunteer participated in hostilities in Transnistria and Bosnia. Since 1994 in the Russian army, later the FSB (came out in reserve with the rank of Colonel). Participated in the antiterrorist operation in Chechnya. In the spring of 2014 directed the militias in Slavyansk and Donetsk. In may August 2014 the Minister of defence of DPR. After leaving office has left the territory of the Republic. The leader of the public movement Novorossiya .


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