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Cardboard’s power of Putinstan. NATO in shock!
From: Kungurov, January 27th, 15:29

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Those living with candles and kerosene stoves in Crimea will not see the promised bridge; pensioners will not receive pensions; government employees sucking their paws today, tomorrow will suck on an entirely different subjects. But to reduce the cost of the tanks and airplanes the government is not going to. Everything in Russia is crumbling and rotting. And only the military-industrial complex stands like an impregnable rock in the midst of chaos and decline. So the idiot box (TV set) tries to present the state of Affairs in the industry. “Russianians” are ready to eat grass, but will give the last pennies on the “Armata”, because otherwise evil will come and NATO will start to occupy all of us.The slogan “if Only there was no war” is once again relevant.

As usual, to the reality of this crapropaganda. I will reveal to you terrible secret: the level of government spending on defence is not related to the level of security. Yes, idiots think their damn Yankees are dreaming, how quickly to get their hands on our treasures. Uhahaha! What do you have, naked-asses, sort of wealth? Oil? So Americans produce more oil, its nowhere to go. Forest? Believe me, without the Siberian wood world perfectly manages. Diamonds? Can sleep peacefully, because diamonds get to you and definitely will not fight. The richest diamond country – Botswana. It has Papuan army as big as 9 thousand bayonets and sabres. Win Botswana in a matter of hours. The reason for the invasion is always there – there is not enough democracy, for example. But if her damn imperialists don’t win, then why would they go to war with Russia?

Let’s face the truth: Russia is a poor country with a broken economy and degrading social sphere. Fuck, it is interesting to nobody, especially Americans. If they wanted to, they just print dollars and buy it with giblets per bag of colored candy wrappers. It’s the same with China: the Chinese just buy what they need. Already half of Africa bought. From 2016, the yuan has become one of world reserve currencies along with the dollar and the Euro. Beijing can now turn on the money printing machine on full power – the demand for its currency is assured.

You think the Chinese need our oil coffers? Uhaha! Great folly even to imagine difficultly. Oil them, but they prefer the oil of Iranian or African. Moscow almost on his knees begging the Chinese to buy it “Rosneft” or invest in the Sakhalin projects, and they just smile politely and promise to think. Why our yellow brothers of the Deposit, the cost of production which is twice the market price of oil? But “Rosneft” it is selling the black gold at prices significantly below market – that was the condition of the loan, which the Chinese have given Sechin. Russia has committed to sell them oil for a pittance until 2030,

Why did the Kremlin raises the intensity of militaristic propaganda? Why they zombify us again on “Rossiyushka in the collar of enemies”? There are two reasons. (…)

(…) Only 36% of strategic enterprises in good financial health, while 25% are on the verge of bankruptcy.

According to the FTS, 170 strategic enterprises and organizations of the military-industrial complex have signs of bankruptcy. Moreover, in respect of 150 strategic enterprises and organizations of tax authorities have already issued orders about collecting of debts at the expense of their property, which is aimed at enforcement bailiffs.

The more money tartit of the state “to defend”, the most rapidly growing debts of defense companies. Aircraft:
— MiG – 44 billion rubles.,
— MSE. Vladimir Chernyshev – 22 billion rubles,
– NPK “Irkut” the company “Sukhoi” – about 30 billion rubles

In the tank:
– Uralvagonzavod – 61 billion rubles
– Omsk plant of transport engineering – 1.6 billion rubles.

This, I emphasize, the position of the flagship of Russian defense industry in the most prosperous of the Russian Federation for the year when no crisis didn’t smell, and oil prices went through the ceiling 120 bucks for a barrel of black sludge. But even at this time, the result of rising from our knees the following indicators:

compared to 1992 decreased production:
— military aircraft — in 17 times,
— military helicopters – in 5 times,
— aircraft missiles – in 23 times,
— munitions – more than 100 times.

But as “Military messenger” evaluates the reliability of our “most reliable” in the world of weapons:

“Alarming decline in the quality of military products (MPP). The cost of rectifying defects during the production, testing and operation of cdps reach 50% of the total cost of its production. At the time, as in economically developed countries this indicator does not exceed 20%. The main reason is the depreciation of capital equipment that have reached 75%, and extremely low level of modernization: the rate of renewal of equipment is not more than 1% per year for the minimum required needs 8-10%”.

The state is interested only in appearances. The state needs a picture for example and nothing more. Here, for example, is widely rasparenny combat platform “kurganets-25”. Its real military value, of course, highly questionable, since the machine was hellish heavy that fatally affects the reliability of its powerplants. But, thank God, to fight Russia with anybody is not going to, and in General, K-25 does not exist.

– No, – shall stir up himself against the cotton potsreotam, We saw how supernova Kurgan BMP rumbled through red square parade on 9 may 2015!

Explain: clanked layouts, not BMP. The BMP themselves yet, because they do not have engines. And anyway, “Kurgantsy-25” not completed even research and development. Why no engines, I have explained above: money SP-Dili, supplier went out of business and tossed all. In Moscow sent more than 30 cars, in which are embedded engines from old BMP. And they do not pull, because the mass of the K-25 one and a half times more than the BMP-3. Therefore, even on the flat area swept a total of 12 cars were declared technically unreliable even for the parade.Tower on new BMP is also delivered with older vehicles, using the illiquid assets from the Tula plant. Military attaches of the NATO countries about the state of Russian defence industry are judged not by the newspaper “Red Star”, but by the bellies with laughter tore open, looking at those round nosed specially made fakes for May parades.

Speaking of “Red Star” (Krasnaya Zvezda). This pizdulka-whistles (K: excellent expression – pisdielka-svistelka!) two years ago solemnly announced that “Kurganets-25” was tested, although to date has not even completed the design work on this machine. I wonder who will produce it? CMH itself no longer able to perform even the defense order for the production of old Soviet technology, production technology which has been honed by decades. It was recently announced that production of the BMD-4M is transferred from Barrow on the Volgograd tractor factory (enters into structure of the GTC). Oh, I already know what hellish billions will be written off as “investments”. In fact, VTZ now here is the sight:

To make it impossible is nothing – nothing and no one. But as a tool for responding budget, the factory just perfect. The VEB was already rubbing impatiently with excitement sweaty palms. Fear us, NATO! So we will win!


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