Kremlin’s Betrayal in Syria II

Syria Department

General Yury Baluyevsky: “the Syrian army cannot stop now”
From: Izvestia, 19 February 2016, 14:22

(Click to enlarge) Photo: Catherine Shtukina

Former chief of the General staff believes that the terrorists will use the ceasefire to regroup and resupply of weapons and ammunition

Syrian government forces took control of the city Kasaba — one of the last and most important strongholds of the terrorists in Latakia province in the North of the country. The capture of this village enabled the army of Bashar al-Assad a strategic advantage over the forces of the terrorist organization ISIL (Arabic name of DAESH, banned in Russia) in the region. However, the cease-fire, plans for the introduction of which was announced on 12 February in Munich after meeting of International support group the Syrian Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry could put an end to all the achievements.

Analysis of the situation of the Russian General staff shows a slowing or complete cessation of hostilities on the territory of the Republic plays into the hands of terrorists. Since the beginning of February 2016, the Syrian government army with the support of troops loyal Patriotic opposition and the Russian VKS liberated from the terrorists more than 800 square km of territory, 73 settlements. In Syria it’s a few percent throughout. This suggests that the cessation of the force of pressure will lead not only to the beginning of peaceful dialogue between warring parties, but much to the regrouping of militants, reconstruction of their infrastructure and the restocking of arms and equipment, which until recently prevented the Russian VKS.

To track these actions in Syria was transferred Tu-214Р — the latest aircraft radio and optical-electronic intelligence. On Board multi-frequency radar complex MRK-411 radar stations and the side of the circular review, as well as opto-electronic system high resolution “Faction”. This technique allows you to scan in different ranges and spectra and make images of large areas of the surface, and create photo and video images of high resolution that can be displayed in real time on the screens of operators.In addition, the aircraft includes apparatus for radio reconnaissance and countermeasure, which is able to intercept and suppress a broad range of signals — from cell phones to aircraft and ground radars and electronic warfare systems.

— I do not believe in the ceasefire, — expressed his opinion “news” former Chief of General Staff Yuri Baluyevsky. — Too colorful and unsystematic forces are opposed by the regular army. It is unclear to whom they submit and obey if at all someone.

This point is also noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, when they say that the beginning of work of the working group on Syria in Geneva, under the chairmanship of Russia and the USA is complicated not so much because of differences in approaches to peaceful settlement of the situation, but because of logistical problems. According to some, participation in the work group want to take more than 20 members of the International support group in Syria.

According to the General, the army of Bashar al-Assad shown recently very good results. Changed tactics, says the expert. Instead of frontal attacks by the Syrian military has begun to apply a strategy of encirclement, depriving the insurgents the opportunity to replenish stocks of food and weapons. It is associated with recent military successes. On Monday, Syrian militiamen together with fighters of the Kurdish self-defense forces in less than a day established control over the strategically important city of tel Rifa’at in 20 km from the border with Turkey in Northern Aleppo province.In tel Rifa’at Sunday through Turkey welcomed nearly 400 militant group “Faylaq al-sham”. Tuesday troops liberated under Latakia three villages — ain Basura, Shelef and Bills. Tactics General links with the Russian military advisers, as well as active military support from Russia to the Syrian army.

In the television show how massive the attacking fighters, says Yuri Baluyevsky. — I think the Syrian army have not had the amount of ammunition and equipment. Then, supply is upon us.

“Izvestia” wrote that in the battle for Aleppo and Palmyra in Western cameramen shots hit the tanks T-90, BTR-82 towed howitzer “Msta-B” is not painted in the typical sand and olive green color, which suggests that they were placed in hastily from the reserve Russian defense Ministry. In many ways, according to Yury Bluesea, this gave the opportunity to the Syrian military to increase pressure on the terrorists, forcing them to abandon previously occupied the position.

— If to stop the attack, said the captain, — re “run” the Syrian army will not succeed. Today’s growth is a result of the success of the offensive. Associated with the same desires for the anti-Assad coalition led by the United States to stop a successful attack Syrian troops, allow the rebels to regroup, to restore its military capabilities. And then the situation can return to 30 September last year. Then only the intervention in the conflict of the Russian space forces has allowed to avoid the fall of the legitimate Syrian government led by Bashar Assad.

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