Kadyrov’s Ultimatum

Kadyrov Department

Digress: Dam it, I have to translate nearly all the texts I’ve deemed worthy my time, but it slows me a lot. Line after line plus sending corrections to the Yandex Translator service to make it better for all. 🙂 I shortened the El Murid’s post a little then.

Those remarks about Strelkov, about which I wrote in previous post, are marked in red.

From: El Murid, 27-Feb-2016 03:49 pm

(Click to enlarge) The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, Photo: RIA Novosti

Kadyrov made a statement that has exhausted its possibilities in the post of head of the Republic and is ready to resign at the expiration of the term, however if we receive an order to proceed – it will continue.
On the anniversary of the death of Nemtsov, whom killed solely to blame Kadyrov – for other reasons were just not pondered – this statement looks quite strong move. In fact, it’s ultimatum – either I get higher trust and carte Blanche, or look for another. The other, by the way, no.

This is generally a problem of Putin’s system of governance, it is the lack of options. The government is deliberately mow any alternatives, trying to prevent any non-system emergence at the helm. Therefore, you need to understand the emergence of Strelkov, not mandated from above, has become for the regime extremely dangerous – there appeared a precedent, when a man can get a huge resources and not from the hands of authorities. The precedent is inadmissible – and therefore he might be eradicated. On the one hand, such a system creates total dependence on higher authorities and externally strengthens the vertical, but there is another side to the stagnation in development and a severe shock in case of abnormal development of the situation.

In addition, Chechnya is perhaps the last Putin’s argument in terms of running at full speed the collapse of the country. Well, at least something he was able to do – that is the key fact, which always pull his supporters. Yes, no doubt. But for how long – that’s the main question.

Kadyrov, it seems, without error chose the moment when he pushed up his ultimatum. First, the term of office expires and the decision must to be taken. (…) His ultimatum is forcing management either to remove him and put up a new one provoking the crisis inside Chechnya, or to demonstrate full and unconditional support, additionally causing displeasure in the entourage. All the choices are bad – but that birth trauma created by governing system.

(Click to enlarge) From Эль Мюрид (El Murid)


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