Why Russian “Miracles” in Syria Mean Big Tragic Losses?

War in Syria Department

Such high losses for the respectively easy area – no fortifications, no mud, no high-tech weapons, not heavy armor, etc – it means there’s something wrong with Syrian war actions and/or Russian command. Pin-pointing IG terrorists with bombs one-by-one is kinky! Those wiping operations are in fact heavy fighting hand-by-hand. Slowly moving up but with so heavy losses, I do not understand the crappy war. Losses are unavoidable but not out of calculated or sound proportions!

Overview map from 26.02.2016 and summary
From: Andrey Chervonets, February 26, 10:35

(Click to enlarge)

To the end of the day the length of route under control of the IG was reduced to approximately 4-5 kilometers. In the immediate vicinity of the highway under the control of terrorists left the village of Ar-Rahib and Mazra’at ar-Rahib. At night the positions of the “Islamic state” in the area of these two settlements came under attack by artillery and aviation. In the morning there were unconfirmed information about the capture by the Syrian army the village of Ar-Rahib.

Despite the relatively successful counter-attack it is worth noting that it goes with serious losses. Pro-government sources report about 57-58 dead soldiers and militias, Islamists – about 100. The Syrian military from the field to assess loss of IG in the 100-150 fighters. In addition, still the highway of Aleppo – Salamia remains blocked in two places – in areas in Aleppo, Hanser and Sheikh Hilal – ‘itria. Because of the breakthrough IG South-East of Aleppo had to throw reinforcements and to suspend offensive operations in other areas.

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