To Clean Sweep Putin And His Ineptitude Cronies

Russian Economy Department

From: El Murid, 25-Feb-2016 09:54 pm

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

After I wrote “the fish” concerning the ideological framework inside which it is possible to find an agreement between different people which created the Committee/Board “25 January”, I didn’t consciously decode what exactly is meant by modernization, which is (in my opinion) the only strategic objective of our country. Not decoded (resolved) because there’s a chance to go over the parts that now do not have any sense – to talk about the programs and projects can only people and forces with vozmozhnostyu*) (abilities) to their implementation – that is, in power. All the others can only define the general principles of his understanding of what is happening and necessary. And only.

So without going into details I will try very sketchy to describe the kind of modernization can be discussed.

Actually, there’s no reason to discuss — good or bad liberalism – in its current version. Of course, the bad — simply because in practical terms it is this ideology led the country to regress. It does not correspond to our specifics, defends the interests of the West and claims its priority. All the arguments of the liberal public, “We were not allowed correctly implement a liberal idea” akin to the same reasoning of the Communists “We were not able to build a socialism”. Failed — perhaps on the way out.

Putin for the second time after his “rokirovka” (manual governing) came in a 12 year – what, he had a second wind? New ideas? New tools? Oh, no – now he is leading the country into the abyss, having no idea what to do. Seven pre-election articles, Putin can safely publish on pee-pee-Fax – yet back in 2012 year it was full of bullshit, today recall about them sort of indecent.

Similarly, you need to be attentive to issues of control: if President Putin and his regime have failed for 15 years to create conditions for modernization of the country — so he needs to go. Without anguish and suffering – to work up to 18 years and to leave quietly. Without recurring manual rulings, tandems and other teeth attempts to cling to power. Similarly, all of the current team, starting with the Prime Minister — they had all the opportunities they have missed.

Without regular changes, tandems and other teeth attempts to cling to power. Similarly, all of the current team, starting with the premiere — they had all the opportunities they have missed. On the way out.

By the way, in the fall — after the election (despite their operational issues), there is a chance to make a clean sweep of the current government from mediocrities. Putin uses it well, he worked out a little plus to his karma. It’s unlikely this small plus will change the overall attitude to him, but perhaps this is the penultimate, what it can do for the country. The latter is, of course, a dignified and timely leave. The main thing — that he didn’t change something for nothing, although frankly, this is all from an area of the unscientific fantasy. Most likely, everything will go on according to the usual Russian scenario for disaster and an emergency dash off after it.


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