The Committee 2501

Russian Economy Department

“The Committee 2501” – the FIRST TEN STEPS FROM the ABYSS
From: etoonda, 2016-02-21 22:08:00

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

“The Committee 2501” believes* that the increasing in the Russian Federation socio-economic crisis is the main threat to the country. We see that the government can do nothing to overcome it, causing a crisis of socio-economic inevitably develop into a political turmoil, fraught with the collapse of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the economic bloc of the government, Centrobank and part of the higher authorities are acting as if economic saboteurs.

In these circumstances, we put forward a set of stringent requirements, a set of most urgent measures to combat the economic crisis in the country.

First. To enter the mode of national economy, rejecting grossly wasteful in conditions of war and economic decline “fashion mega-projects” – the 2018 world Cup football championship, Universiade 2019 and youth festival in 2017. the Funds that were supposed to go on through these useless and unprofitable amusements, must be thrown on the increased aid to the Russian real sector (industry and farmers), on the preservation of social programs, the salvation of regions from bankruptcy. Continue all magistracy of its kind – only after holding a referendum of their feasibility!

Discontinue concessional lending to Egypt and Iran ($32 billion), that money is to redirect the solution of the problems of Crimea and the Russian aid to the Donbass, to prevent raising the retirement age.

Second. Immediately, unilaterally, to withdraw Russia from world trade organization (WTO) since Western sanctions have completely obesmislio*) (freaked out, overwhelmed, overpowered) her. After – to begin to create reasonable measures, selective protectionism in the spirit of Mendeleev to development of a domestic real sector. (…)

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2 Responses to The Committee 2501

  1. Artem says:

    Przemyslaw, Вы меня ради Бога простите за резкость, но это сборище довольно “мутных” и “одиозных” личностей. Может те самые “10 пунктов”, которые они выдвинули хороши, но Вам хорошо известно как в России расходятся слова с делом. У меня лично большие сомнения, особенно, после прочтения статей ruscesar. “По делам узнаете их”, так сказать.

    С Уважением.


  2. Артем, я ценю ваши взгляды, но я решил опубликовать на разных должностях. Я думаю, что я знаю(?) сколько у Путина слова расходятся с тем, что он сказал и сделал. То же можно найти в разного рода блогах. Я должен держать линию я избрал. Нет одной правды в России, даже если предположить истина может быть только одна. С другой стороны, что, когда, почему и т. д.-это мелочи в контексте российских проблем, все из них. Давайте предположим, что я пытаюсь понять, почему так много людей хотят убрать Путина.

    С наилучшими пожеланиями.

    Artem, I appreciate your views but I decided to publish different posts. I think I know(?) how much Putin’s words diverge from what he said and did. The same you may find in all sort of blogs. I must keep the line I have chosen. There is no one truth in Russia, even if you assume The Truth can be only One. On the other hand, what, when, why etc are trifles in the context of Russian issues, all of them. Let’s suppose I am trying to understand why so many people want to remove Putin.

    Best regards.


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