One of Russian Paradoxes – Oil Down, Gas Up

Russian Economy Department

From: El Murid, 26-Feb-2016 01:14 pm

(Click to enlarge) From REHUGO 3rd Six Weeks

Adopted the law on increase of excises on gasoline. Is expected to increase prices by 2.5 ruble. Although, most likely even bigger. The paradox – why when falling oil prices the price of gasoline in Russia immediately creeping up – looks that way. To two times not to rise, the deputies adopted the increase in excise duties as this year and next – that is, no “bounce” no one is waiting. From the words of the Ministers radiate cheerfulness and predictions that soon everything will be fine, in reality they make instruments that will be all strictly on the contrary.

The reason is the same – we liked all your money, that’s why you pay more. We do not have enough. The budget deficit still needs something to cover. The idea of external borrowing seems to have passed even before it was launched yesterday. The United States very strongly recommended not to buy Russian securities to be issued under borrowing. It is naive to believe that after such a request, there are many who want to create itself unnecessary problems. So, for the genius policy of the party, as usual, will pay the population.

We will be biting a little, but from everyone. Here we will not pay for indexation of pensioners and disabled persons, here we will slightly increase prices, there we will introduce a new tax and collection. A little makes a miracle. But first there is still privatization, by the way – the State Department may not recommend and here not to associate with the purchase, so that the shares will be distributed to faithful men, and for all again will pay the population. Unquestioning confidence to credible course it needs to be paid out from your own pocket – and how as you wanted.


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