Kremlin’s Betrayal in Syria

War in Syria Department

In the near future, the Kremlin will try to disrupt the elections in Syria
From: Eduard Communist, February 25th, 20:23

(Click to enlarge) Caption: Nobody promised Syria anything

At night I wrote a post about the fact that Russia is trying parliamentary elections in Syria to disrupt. Today I realized that I was not mistaken in my assessments. For example, today the Deputy Foreign Minister Bogdanov also made hints against holding parliamentary elections in Syria on 13 April. From all this I conclude that in the near future, the Kremlin will try to disrupt these elections in Syria. To see the current President of Syria has not strengthened his power thanks to the elections. Moreover, against the elections came forward also new Putin’s partners from among the “moderate Syrian terrorists”. This means that the West stands against as well. Now we’ll try how, how we can talk, speculate, what will happen next.

Soon “moderate terrorists” will put forward the main condition of its participation in the negotiations – it is to cancel elections assigned by Assad for 13 April. Their requirements will support the West, just as he himself through his puppets will put them forward. And Putin that the West does not scold him, will struggle with all his forces to twist Assad’s arms, to make he cancelled or postponed the election in Syria. Thus the Western countries will achieve another goal – once more to drop current Kremlinians in the eyes of the world. And to show potential allies of Russia, what current Russia represents today.

It isn’t a fact that Assad will agree to follow up the reason of Kremlinians. The more so militia in their time gently sent out Putin, when he tried to persuade them to cancel the referendum. Why would the President of Syria not to do the same? But in this case the Kremlin will move to its usual tactics of blackmail by the overlap of military and humanitarian assistance. Also in March, may start clean sweeping the inner circle of Assad through “Ukrainian DRG” from one Northern country. Only it would be a big mistake for Kremladians. But the Syrian military is not a tolerant-militia of Donbass. They will not silently watch as visiting killers slay their commanders. In the answer they can start to shoot to eReFian warriors. So for your asses they in Syria will find accurate hemorrhoids.

And Assad will once again wish to throw out Russia from Syria and not to contact her any more.

Which only knows how to betray, sell, rent. But I can’t recall a single case where the present Russian Federation someone seriously defended. And if Assad doesn’t want to go down in history as a pathetic rag, succumbed to the blackmail of the Kremlin and who surrendered the country to the terrorists, I repeat once again. He should immediately remove from Syria eReFian army. And before that, he should speak turning to the Nation and to blame Kremladians of betrayal. Thus he’d had a chance at least. But with the current “ally” Assad with his country are condemned to one hundred percent


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