Did He Merge Or Did He Not Merge?

Betrayal of Donbass Department

Zhuchkovsky about the situation in the Donbas
From: Andrey Chervonets, February 26, 11:30

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Alexander Zhuchkovsky, Yesterday at 23:24

Watching the reaction on my last message and see that it is necessary to make a clarification on this fundamental issue.

I’m writing about another escalation on the front line and reported positive trends given our good attitude “do not spare bullets”, and in some areas of front, the Ukrainians received very larger calibers, so in some places they strongly saddened. This is good news.

Next, I write that in spite of heavy fire across Donetsk and Gorlovka, in Russia they does not debate the never ending Ukrainian terror in the Donbass but incredible adventures of Putin in Syria. This is bad news.

That is our sad reality, that within it very often coexist good and bad news and it doesn’t quite fit in the minds of people who are accustomed to think accordingly to a “template” – when “all is well” and “all is PCP” (Putin’s Cunning Plan – ХПП = Хитрый План Путина = verbatim: CPP = “Cunning Plan of Putin”), but when all is bad then PS (“Putin Surrendered” or PM = “Putin merged”, PD = “Putin Drained”).

One of my tasks as sane person (and I claim to sanity in the midst of this information frenzy, although emotions and mistakes I allowed), it was during these two years to avoid these both extremes and objectively convey information about what is happening in the format of “what I see – then I sing”.

Almost every day I have to argue with people who hold polar viewpoints. When I hear odes to the greatest strategist Putin, who outsmarted and outplayed, I have to turn back the person from TV heavens to long-suffering earth of Donbass, which continues to suffer exactly by the will of the Russian Federation and personally will of Putin.

But when I hear something radically reversed like “Russia has betrayed Donbass”, I have to stiffly challenge even this. Because Russia actually holds the Donbass, and without Russia, Donbas year and a half ago had been brutally suppressed.

I think it’s understandable. Russia saved the Donbass from death, but didn’t give him a calm and stable life, like the one in Crimea. For this, we thank and blame Russia/Putin simultaneously.

Because of this misunderstanding, in principle, it’s very clear situation, so far, for two years of events, people have been lost in speculations – did Putin leak or did not leak.

When people ask me – “Putin merged?”, I say, “Putin merged” and explain why he did so.

When people ask me – “Putin didn’t merge?”, I say, “Putin didn’t merge” and explain why he did not so.

About this recently wrote on my blog in comments St. Petersburg’s natsbol Andrei Pesotskyi: “Oh, this question is merged he or not merged. I see the answer is this: in terms of Great Novorossiya idea – yes, he merged, in terms of democracy in Donbass – yes, he merged, DPR and LPR in their current borders – no, not merged.”

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