The Land Against The Sea

WW III Department

Can you recall who provoked Japan to enter the World War II? Yes, the USA. It was not Japan which first attacked the USA, but just contrary. Washington Empire ignited “war with Japan” (second part of WW2) when she started to stifle Japan economically first. The results were pre-planned, of course. At stake was second great American beachhead, this time in Asia. With that move the US spread her world hegemony over Atlantic and Pacific zones. But it was the first step in conquering the world.

Russia’s activity in Syria may impede some hegemony issues for the US but everyone must keep in mind the “activity” are going on on Russian civilization territory, if we think in terms of Land and Sea civilizations used in Alexander Dugin analyses.

More, Rome in order to destroy Sea Civilization had to move its army to the Carthage. Is the world going to wait when US Empire has collapsed from within? Doubtful, very doubtful vision. Not to mention the world will be reorganized sooner or later (in years or dozens of years) but that’s unavoidable.

Putin’s Prophetic 2007 Warnings in Munich All Coming True
From: Sputnik, 05:18 12.02.2016(updated 05:25 12.02.2016)

(Click to enlarge) © Sputnik/ Alexei Druzhinin

Nine years after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the world against irresponsible US policies spreading instability and threats of new wars around the world, those dangers today are greater than ever, US analysts told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — “I read the 2007 speech when [Putin] first delivered it and pretty much agreed with everything he had to say. Now the US/NATO confrontation against Russia has become even worse and more dangerous,” University of Illinois Professor of International Law Francis Boyle said.

In his 2007 speech at the Munich Security Conference, Putin accused the United States of provoking a new nuclear arms race, expanding NATO in Europe and making the Middle East more unstable. Putin also said that Washington ignored the United Nations and relied on the unilateral use of force.

All these problems had become much worse since then, Boyle pointed out.

“With the deployment of NATO troops right up to the border of Russia for the first time, we are on the verge of a reverse Cuban missile crisis. And with both countries bombing in Syria, anything could go wrong there too,” he warned.

Current growing tensions across the Middle East and throughout Eastern Europe generated by destabilizing US policies had already created conditions alarmingly similar to those in 1914 and 1939, Boyle observed, at the outbreak of the two world wars.

“The Bush and Obama administrations have already targeted the remaining hydrocarbon reserves of Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia for further conquest or domination, together with the strategic choke-points at sea and on land required for their transportation,” he stated.

Putin… is undeniably superior as a statesman next to almost all his contemporaries. He chooses his ground well. The Munich conference was an excellent venue at which to challenge the Americans and NATO as to the European deployments and the Middle East crisis,” he said.

Smyth praised Putin’s grasp of history — “which is the last thing American leaders want to cultivate in their citizenry” — and his ability to express fundamental international issues clearly and directly, as he did in his Munich speech. (…)


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