Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 11

2015.12.01 – 2016.02.12

K: To be continued…

The map view on Syria from 12.02.2016 and extensive summary at 10-11.02.2016
From: Andrey Chervonets, February 12, 12:18

(Click to enlarge) Clouds, left: We fight with terrorists very effectively. Right: I know, but it’s needed to fight against them not with them.

A message from a war correspondent with the call sign “the Magician”.
From: Andrey Chervonets, February 12, 0:20
In Khokhlov (Xoxly) camp complete chaos, beginning from a company and ending with General Staff. Every day they have conflicting orders. It is good they have it, both commanders of battalions and brigades update the situation, trigger DRG. We won’t be attack and harass us, only shellings.

Ukry lose chances on at least some sort of success every day. Army degrades and fans out. Delays in soldiers’ payments betrays wholesale character. Lot of l/s mow down flu and pneumonia. Of course, there is drinking and as a result self-firings, accidents and fires.

Lot of ammunition was brought up but was kept in terrible storage for the last 25 years, some ammunition is dangerous to use. But in conditions of trench warfare and installations, “shelling residents of Donbass and not giving to live quietly”, there’s very high consumption of min, artillery and tank shells. (…)

(Click to enlarge)

Meme of the day: Democracy
From: Fort Russ, ?

(Click to enlarge) Putin: There’s less and less democracy in the US. Lukashenko: Of course. They keep exporting it.

The Munich agreement on Syria
From: Eduard Communist, February 12th, 5:15
It was reported that according to the results of the Munich conference, there’ll be declared a ceasefire in Syria during the week. It has cost the US to put pressure on Kremlin as a threat of entering Turkish troops, so Kremliners surrendered all back. Meanwhile what’s most amazing is that the U.S. rejected the proposal of the Russian Federation about the beginning of the ceasefire from March 1 and insisted on a speedy truce. What in result she achieved. But what about the Kremlin’s plans to block Turkish border, from where the help comes to terrorists? What now, will the recent SAA advances go down the drain?

And not to be taken seriously and the Syrian army. The USA still demand that Assad lifted the siege to cities controlled by terrorists. How the Kremlin is going to force the Syrian military to do it and not to respond to offensive actions of terrorists? Will he send them “the Ukrainian DRG”? Just how many “Ukrainian DRG” have to be sent to the Syrian military has agreed to drain? As if in response, the Russian military will have problems with the Syrian military?

On the other hand Kremliners are pinned to the wall. They tried to bluff and blackmail the West by a Syrian army offensive across the Turkish border. The West didn’t buy it even once, and openly, through Turkey and Saudi Arabia, began to threaten the deployment of troops to Syria. That would have risked a war with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. That Russia definitely would have lost. But in the end after these threats, Putin passed ago. Although this does not mean that Turkey’s troops will not enter. She them on any provide, but in more favorable conditions than now.

But Putin can be congratulated for another of his “victories”. To sold out an ally, before it entering to him with a trust, it is able to do that only him. This is one of the reasons I was against Russia’s involvement in the war in Syria. Because I said that it would end, in addition to problems with neighbors, with surrender of Assad. It’s exactly as I said. For other countries a lesson – what awaits them in case of request of assistance from Putin. It happens about as on the main picture. And with this, alas, we have to reconsile.

It doesn’t need at least now, when he Assad finally surrendered, to remove troops from Syria and to stop Russia’s participation in this adventure? Or, as my source said, to accompany the departure of Assad and giving power to the terrorists in Syria? And if Assad agrees to hand over power to Pro-American terrorists, will send him “the Ukrainian DRG”? The source also reported about it, as a probable development. Well, he’s more vile than I thought.

And I would also like to add at the end. You know what today is? Today marks exactly one year since the signing of the second Minsk agreement, where the parties also agreed to a “truce”. And at this day the Kremlin has decided the Minsk Collusion to repeat, only in respect of Syria and its President Bashar al-Assad. But he decided to repeat it in Munich. Now these agreements on Syria can be called the Munich collusion. As it was in 1938. History as you can see, is repeated. Once as tragedy, and the other in the form of farce. Only now the bloody farce that we now have the opportunity to observe firsthand.

P. S. On the anniversary of the Minsk Collusion, I will try to write today. For example, what consequences it brought and to what results it may lead. But this reiterates and it’ll happen again next time.

(Click to enlarge) Clouds, from left: Dad, can dyadya Putin (grandpa) protect us from sharks? right: He can, but later he’ll say that penguins – are part of shark nation and dump in a sea.

Game Over or Finita Comedia
From: etoonda, 2016-02-12 14:02:00
Sabotage? Malignant idiocy!

or diagnosis of experienced doctor.

I talk to good friend. He played a very important, albeit extremely non-public role in the country called the USSR. He’s in old age, has sound mind, strong memory and a lively interest in what is happening.

Tells me – “you know, Valery, when I watch things happening in the country, we involuntarily recall the Stalinist vocabulary: “sabotage”, “wrecking”.

Pending institutional proposals I froze. And he looked at me with a gentle squint: “But actually it is idiocy. Not simple but malignant (cancerous). I’ve been seeing enough similar (idiocy), when superpower collapsed”.

He paused and added: “History is repeating (from unknown causes) in Russia as new tragedy”.
Valery Solovey

(Click to enlarge) Germany. Munich. Lavrov and Kerry. Joyful smiles on their faces.

(Click to enlarge)

The truce
From: El Murid, 12-Feb-2016 02:16 pm
K: “As usual” I wrote about Putin’s betrayal. El Murid have the same “premonitions”. So the question “who’s cornered in Syria” has cleared black on white an it’s now translucent as an air in Himalaya above 8000m.
The meeting in Munich the member countries of the international support group Syria became the cease-fire in Syria in a week.
Agreement means that most likely, Assad will have to stop the offensive. As always – one step away from at least some result. This result could be Aleppo. To take the city outright, the Syrian army is not able however to block the two rings was a chance. Now to create a dense environment of Syrians have only a week – and they will certainly try to do something, but get them or not is a question.

On the North and West Syria, the situation is also far from acceptable. The key to it is Idlib, the loss of which in the summer of 2015 finally brought down the situation and, most likely, and became the reason why the Kremlin was forced to start a direct military operation. The truce means that Idlib will also be left in the hands of militants.

In General, the onset of Syrians does not comply with any one of the major challenges: not taken control of the border, the militants of the Pro-Western factions are not destroyed. It is not possible to start a real fight with ISIS, so as to fight with the ISIL, leaving in the rear of the “moderate” terrorists is unrealistic. The two front war in all its glory.

In fact, Russia gave the West to save Assad from a military defeat, but that is all. Its fate will be decided in the negotiations, and the fate of the whole of Syria. In these circumstances, when ISIL remains intact, the partition of Syria is imminent. The only question is the borders, which will be held section.

The U.S. strategy on the disintegration of the region works, and so far there is no indication that someone could interfere with it.

(Click to enlarge)

The War Correspondent Of The “Owl”. Russian
From: Segodnia.Ru, 11.02.2016 – 22:16, by Gennady Dubovoy
During the war in Novorossia there were many great war correspondents, whose eyes we see what is happening there, as a chronicle-a warning that in case of defeat of Russian in the Donbass may become the future of the entire Russian Federation. One of the most famous and beloved people of workarou — “Owl”, Anastasia, is capable of capturing the stories that cause viewers sense of presence. Like all gifted people, the highest joy one receives from the perfectly completed work. And she is able to work in extreme conditions, risking in exploration to be cut off by the bullet of a sniper and the advanced positions under heavy fire MLRS. The combination of wit and beauty, talent and courage, hazard and sacrifice is an exceptional phenomenon, before which I bow my head humbly even Muse. But that other unrepresentable and unreachable, for it is the norm. This is the way to formulate her style is a norm of exclusivity. Anastasia motto: Stirb und werde! She is the winner of the beauty contest, not the last in the modeling business, successful in all respects businesswoman, was in the war and why did he become a war correspondent?

At the monastery she was preparing another author’s program “On the side”. In quiet moments I decided to shoot near broken tombstones, enthusiastic and…click! shot-like sound of sniper rifles, unforgettable for everyone who had to be a target… and Sat down again — click! bullet bit out tombstone, sprayed in the helmet by a stone crumb. From holes in the walls of the monastery Church earned in response to our gun, rattled AGS. Pause… Owl chose the moment to dart for cover, screaming: “Sit still!” Behind – Givi: “I told you, from me!” Click! — did not stop the Ukrainian sniper, once again bite the bullet tombstone with a crack on the angelic portrait of the deceased. Givi barked into his radio: “All — fire!” and, under cover of the veil-automatic machine-gun fire, back to the opponent, taking by the shoulders and protect the girl who was a war correspondent, quietly spent in her shooting space. In the temple, peering staring eye-to-eye, sympathetically asked: “scared?”. (…)

(Click to enlarge)

Russian, help another Russian!
From: Segodnia.Ru, 01.12.2015 – 18:37
Interviewed Gennady Dubovoy, especially for “Today.Ru” (

Fighter and volunteer Alexander Zhuchkovsky. Among the militia he enjoys well-deserved reputation for one of the few who never once broke this word, performs all that has been promised within the specified period and report to the donors and recipients of humanitarian supplies for every penny. Unlike those who inexplicably call themselves “Russian nationalists” and that “there is no Ukrainian Nazis, and the new Russia — invented in the Kremlin ideological trap for the Russians”, Alexander is convinced that what is happening in the Donbass — the beginning of the implementation of the basic concept of Russian nationalism to reunite all Russians in historically owned lands. Therefore, the formula “Russian, help another Russian” became for him and his associates a categorical imperative.

(Click to enlarge)

Since his forced departure from the post of commander of militia Igor Strelkov, he is subjected to constant baiting by the media. How do you evaluate his role in the history of new Russia?

– I believe that Igor Strelkov has played an exceptional role in the events in Ukraine in mid 2014. But from the point of view of history it took a little time, we do not know much, so the final outcome of these events is to fail early, to give a “final” evaluation of the role of Strelkov’s too early (I hope that he will play another role in Russian history, and a considerable one). But what we know already, and what we have seen in the Donbass, says that Strelkov’s actions significantly affected the situation in the New Russia, and maybe even changed this situation and the course of history.

I repeat, we do not know much, but there is reason to believe that one of the scenarios last year was to quickly suppress popular demonstrations in the Donbass, and many of “our” people in the DPR contributed to the surrender “the gains of the revolution” in June / July last year. Igor Strelkov his actions disrupted this scenario, the militia forced to fight in earnest and led to serious military confrontation and the enemy. Thus, the reaction of Russia and other countries, were also largely due to the results of the decisions and actions of Strelkov.

The story of the beginning and development of the war in Novorossiya has provided a vivid example of how a strong intellectual man can influence the situation on a global scale. For the first time in a quarter of a century, and maybe of the century (since the Bolshevik revolution) in Russia there were people who actually started the war for the reunification of the Russian people, of historical Russia, under the Orthodox banners and the Imperial banners. This is the reason that Shooters become with his squad in Slavyansk, a center of attraction for active Russians. It’s not so much him as a person (cult of personality I do not welcome), and in the idea of national liberation struggle of the Russian people, which he represented.

The huge potential of this idea scared the “fifth column” became the reason why Strelkov was squeezed out of Novorossiya. (…)

(Click to enlarge)

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