Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 07

2016.02.10 – 2016.02.11

K: To be continued…

The Sacred War
From: Wuikipedia
Arise, vast country,
Arise for a fight to the death
Against the dark fascist forces,
Against the cursed hordes.

Chorus: (2x)
Let noble wrath
Boil over like a wave!
This is the peoples’ war,
a sacred war!

We shall repulse the oppressors
Of all ardent ideas.
The rapists and the plunderers,
The torturers of people.


The black wings shall not dare
Fly over the Motherland,
On her spacious fields
The enemy shall not dare tread!


We shall drive a bullet into the forehead
Of the rotten fascist filth,
For the scum of humanity
We shall build a solid coffin!

Chorus (2x) (…)

Thirteen Russo-Turkish war: perspectives
From: In the den of hell, February 11th, 14:30
In the entire history of the Russian state with the Turks, we fought twelve times. Seven wins. Two defeats. Two draws. And the Crimean war, the result of which is still ambiguous. Technically, Russia didn’t win it, but certainly not the Turks. Today,judging by the dynamics of current events, the case goes to thirteen. And, judging by some statements of key politicians, it moves by leaps and bounds. Ready to go from diplomats to the guns proved to be Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. That’s not counting the officially published plans of the US participation in a ground operation against ISIS, in which, however, so far only at the level of words of diplomats and “politicians of the second line,” noted Britain. Besides, do not forget that in the middle East is now the “Syrian issue” is engaged in several coalitions of different composition which are present, for example, planes of France, Germany and some other countries. However (…)

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“The people demand war….”
From: The oligarchy must be destroyed (Ivan Ushenin), 2016-02-09 18:10:00
In his latest book “the Revenge of Russian history” (I recommend all) Egor Kholmogorov has described the situation in Novorossiya sniper sure: “Let’s be honest. At the time our only motivation, which raised the Donbass, was looming opportunity like Crimea to join Russia. Any return to the Ukraine will be perceived by local citizens as a defeat… …Today, the citizens of Donbass require war in order to their cities come peaceful sky and the artillery and “Grad” has been moved somewhere into the steppe. And tell them what they should silently endure the death of their loved ones for the sake of Ukraine “appointed judges of the proposed candidates” is anecdotal. The people do not demand war because we “want” war, but because “peacemaking” — is the same war that kills them, while they live themselves with their hands tied, that puttying by foreign policy is mistaking the blood of the dead civilians. (…)

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Putin forgave Mongolia 172 million$. Mongolia promised the Russian oligarchy contracts for 1 billion$
From: The oligarchy must be destroyed (Ivan Ushenin), February 8th, 19:30
I bring up the topic about the forgiveness of debts by Russia. Do you think the Russian authorities simply so forgive debts? For example in Mongolia… Forgave debt in the amount of 172 million. in exchange for contracts for Russian businessmen.
You can certainly begin to rejoice that the leadership of the country helps business, but in fact: the state has in his pocket has subsided (due to the forgiveness of debts), and a number of businessmen on the contrary will increase. Who doesn’t believe me — watch the news. Mongolia on November 27, 2015 promised Russian companies contracts worth about $ 1 billion. (…)

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Diamond mafia changed Putin with Navalny
From: kungurov, February 10th, 14:17
Start here. Just what distinguishes capitalism from capitalism criminal? A distinctive feature of the latter that nominal ownership means nothing. It is important, under whom the capitalist goes, what his roof. Morons are touched: Oh, how good Putin is returned to the state (the people) control over the oil industry, Gazprom, etc. Rare stupid mistake! Take the “state” Corporation “ALROSA”. Formally, the state represented by Moskomimushestvo owns 44% shares, the government of Yakutia 25%, another 8% to the municipalities of Yakutia. This means that income from diamond sales go into the Treasury? Ear-haha, I must be a complete moron cotton to allow such seditious thought! On the contrary, the Treasury is paying advaitism our soil, capping of their budget losses. While losses are significant: in the most successful for the diamond industry 2014, when Russia exported record volumes of precious stones for $4.7 billion, ALROSA, which controls the production of 90% of Russian diamonds (25% of world production) received a net loss of nearly 17 billion rubles (…)

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