Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 04

2016.02.06 – 2016.02.09

K: To be continued…

Summaries from the militia
From: Andrey Chervonets, February 9, 9:22
Now’s Affairs within the army. Interesting story. Saw the kid that went at the age of 18-19 years recently to us in the militia. At the moment it is basic training, the specialty of the flamethrower not the flamethrower which now all presented, modern, I think you understand from where they have militias( clearly not the trophies ). And so , he went to this specialty because FOCUS! “He said there will be visits to the front, and only have to go to polygons, etc.,” in fact, the guy went not to fight, but to earn. And I don’t like it don’t condemn, my job is still in LDNR tight, especially for such young people, so that would earn a life, he went here and so in the army. (…)

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Glazyev: We Need Large Scale Nationalization
From: Fort Russ, 8th February, 2016
Renown economist and Advisor to the President of Russia, Sergey Glazyev, spoke about who produced the speculative attack on the Russian national currency and how to deal with it. According to Sergey Glazyev, the modern banking system of Russia is not fulfilling the role of “the circulatory system of the economy”. He explained the need to make the Central Bank of the Russian Federation stop “the orgy of currency”. How Speculation worked (…)

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The offensive in the direction of collapse
From: Fontanka, 08.02.2016 18:00, by Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid)
Last week held under overt signs of preparation of Turkey and Saudi coalition to intervene in Syria and Iraq. It is not just about panicked the media, greedy for fried, and on official notices and statements in many countries. While the first person is silent, however, when this “now” is unclear. Behind what is happening in General, especially not hidden. The U.S. strategy for withdrawal from a grave crisis has long determined. Created two superrange Transpacific and Transatlantic partnership is designed without any world war with its not very predictable outcome to redistribute the world market, leaving the jurisdiction and full possession of the U.S. the two most promising with the total number of consumers of about two billion people. The task of the U.S. superrich is to provide a complete and overwhelming advantage of “their” corporations. “Their” – the concept is largely conditional, because the globalized world has greatly expanded the national borders, and now not so easy to position any transnational Corporation from the point of view of its public facilities. And the interests of multinational corporations have gone beyond the interests of the country’s elite, creating a new form of global elite.(…)

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Right Putin privatization
From:, 8-02-2016, 22:11
I want to share with you the tragic news. The Agency “Bloomberg” has unveiled a cunning plan of Vladimir Putin and told the world about it. American journalists came to the conclusion that Putin is not going to sell state enterprises to foreign investors, but because they are so was hoping for an opportunity to buy on the cheap some sweet public asset. And the Agency “Bloomberg” found that foreign investors do not trust Putin. At this point, apparently, assumes that the Russian reader should literally hang yourself from boredom, but for some reason I do not want to do. (…)

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From:, 8-02-2016, 23:46
Almost all Western and liberal Russian media accused Vladimir Putin and the power of corruption and financial fraud. The whole country lives according to the laws formed 1991-1993 And President, he personally has no right to change them, he has the right to make changes in the laws, but the state Duma approves these laws. (…)

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Sergey Glazyev: the beneficiary of this privatization can become speculators
From: Front News, 08 January 2016, 16:51
Sergey Glazyev about the risks of a new wave of privatization in Russia. Patching holes in the budget should not be a sense of a new wave of privatization of state property initiated by the Russian authorities, said the President’s Advisor Sergey Glazyev. Privatization needs to regain the trust of citizens to authorities and to encourage structural reform. About it in exclusive interview to the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, adviser of RF President Sergey Glaziev. (…)

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Chinese “allies” of the Russian Federation and the grain
From: Max Kalashnikov, February 8th, 2016, 02:31 pm
China once again demonstrated worth of words of the Kremlin about a strategic partnership with Beijing. Not only that, the Chows actually joined financial sanctions of the West against Russia (their main trading partners more expensive), and now they come out of the capital of the Moscow exchange (the successor of the merged MICEX and RTS). Chinese Fund “Shandong investment” sold their shares to Masuri. “Chinese Chengdong Investment Fund sells all he owns a 5.2% stake in Moscow exchange, Bloomberg reported with reference to the report of the Fund. (…)

K: In Russian, alas (use CC auto at least), but Kalashnikov explains why in Russia high technology goes low but in China shines.

Sold by Kremlin tower
From: Andrey Chervonets, 8 February, 0:30
Two Central events of the week – the go-ahead for privatization and Eat YER must, of course, be considered in reverse order. In the world that assert the primacy of politics over economy, you can only so. Otherwise – the essence and meaning of events is lost in the minds of the clip that is formed to easily control who will survive this world crisis. Everything is logical, obvious and crystal clear. It was clear for a long time, but only at the end of this week began the real action. Doublet shot of the CPRF and United Russia. ER, as expected, took off his pseudo allergicakie rags and brought the party right-liberal without any reservations. Even the shape of the Congress and the ideological content stupidly dragged to the Gaidar forum.(…)

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Polite Heir Putin
From: Feologos, 7 February, 14:41
On 4 February the Russian society officially presented the new Governor of the Tula region. He became Deputy Minister of defense of Russia and the former employee FSO, the General-major Alexey Dyumin, appointed to this position on 2 February the President of Russia. General Alexei Dyumin, it’s not just a senior “polite people” of President Putin, but also more than that. It was General Dyumin personally supervised the special operation of evacuation of Ukrainian Zionists ousted President Viktor Yanukovych. General Dyumin most likely belongs to the clan of Kremlin statesmen. (…)

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As Putin passed Novorossiya
From: Matches to children not a toy (Burckina faso), February 6th, 10:32
Non-verbal language of gestures show the depth of confusion after meeting Putin tete-a-tete with some modest Swiss official speaking with the Familia Burkhalter. See provided accounting Burkhalter seemed so convincing that Putin suddenly forgot about the new Russia, Russian world, etc. phantoms statehood, which raved before. Shame, shame and disappointment. (…)

From the Committee on 25 January: our view of the situation
From: Maxim Kalashnikov, February 7th, 2016, 11:17 am
Andrey Razumovsky: thinking aloud. I’m Convinced that “the Board of Directors of the Russian Federation”, this “collective sergutin”, consists of very intelligent (personally I don’t doubt for a second) individuals. Such obvious things as the need for nationalisation, as well as reformatting of the “elite” there, of course, aware. I already wrote about that stubborn refusal to transform the “elite” does not indicate stupidity or the incompetence of the decision makers, and that the current “elite”, and hence, the whole system is completely recognized these HOPELESS fellows, unreformed in principle. (…)

Elena Rokhlin: becomes terribly ashamed that Russian spring is over the shame
From: The oligarchy must be destroyed (Ivan Ushenin), February 6th, 15:16
I am very sorry for the victims of the militias, just painfully sad.
After all, many were honest and ideological people, and because they were willing to give their lives and gave it to them, to protect the Donbass, not just to protect, but also to try to make life of people better. All these “polite people”, all these putinoidy group, which has had a makeover once in a while — noticed and advertised in the mass selling crap, and not such ordinary Russian guys, who here and in Russia occupied an active civic stand and there’s bravery. We slipped in as the characters trivial types, which have built and dyed as abruptly as all of these putinoid group. (…)

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Putin will not give up Donbass
From: Gennady Dubovoy, 2016-02-06 21:40:00

“The dagger” for the PAK-FA T-50 will hit a new rocket from any distance
From: TV Zvezda, 4 February 2016, 07:51
The latest Russian fighter T-50 (PAK FA — prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation) in 2016 will begin to come on Board VC, and a year later it will begin to produce commercially. This aircraft, let’s be honest, not the cheapest in cost, but it is the most modern and well-equipped. This product simply does not exist, the closest competitors, including the American F-22 Raptor, are lagging behind in almost all positions. Including for armaments. And the T-50 is just killer. Some — under the heading of secrecy. (…)

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