Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 03

2016.01.28 – 2016.02.06

K: To be continued…

Siluanov Livanov and withdrawn from the leadership of “United Russia”
From:, 6-02-2016, 16:15
The head of the Ministry of education and Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov, Dmitry Livanov withdrawn from senior members of the party “United Russia”. The decision was made at the party Congress in Moscow as part of the rotation of higher and General Council. (…)

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The liberals-the downshifters in the economic block of the country

From: Andrey Chervonets, 6 February, 14:00
Umnichki. Large umnichki in the government. Who do you work for? On the one hand, SABOTAGING the return of the Ukrainian debt on the other, while the markets at the least, engaged in “filling” of the budget through the grabbing tidbits of the economy is INEVITABLE in the future (so is said) it takes away their offshore. And in GayGaudalupe too SysLibs argues that the social burdens on the budget is big and it would be nice to reduce? Downshifters-liberasty hate Russia, since Gaydar, whose daughter now serves as the Bander(oviets). (…)

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NATO aggression. Reinforce its troops in the Baltic States and Poland
From:, 6-02-2016, 17:45
That sooner or later the Alliance will start its expansion to the East was predicted by many experts. Agreement entered into with the leadership of the USSR in 1990 about non-expansion block, the West is not justified. On the contrary, the leading NATO countries over the past two decades has made the maximum amount of effort to the expansion of the Alliance towards Russia’s borders. Pretexts and excuses were different, but the myth of “Russian aggression” is always present. (…)

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The return of the predator?
From: Svobodnaya Pressa, 5 February 20:30, by Sergey Shargunov
Sergey Shargunov about training in Russia new privatisation. Nearing “the new wave of privatization”. Shares of strategic state-owned enterprises want to sell, to transfer in private hands. Whose? And what is the benefit of this country, the economy, the people? Remember from school geography textbook map with lots of icons representing the oil, gas, coal, ore, Nickel, the largest plants — I was in high school when this card is “public property” broke to pieces. Like twenty years have passed, but the pain in people failed. The country is still outraged by injustice and a conversation about the revision of the outcome of that robbery does not stop. (…)

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NATO countries secretly converge with Moscow
From:, 5-02-2016, 20:06
Public statements of high-ranking NATO officials, it can be concluded that the degree of tension continuously increases. But here at the defense Ministry’s own view on what is happening – they are the little “mysteries” that are hidden from prying eyes. Isolation along the lines of “Russia – NATO” has cracked. Warming relations yet, but the military authorities of several countries in Western Europe have taken steps to restore cooperation with the Ministry of defence. (…)

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Elena Rokhlin: OPG In Russia, in the Donbass OPG and OPG in Ukraine
From: The oligarchy must be destroyed. (Ivan Ushenin), February 5th, 17:09
It affects not only what happened in the Donbass, there was a war, I’m terrified of people’s reactions, from the reaction of our people to what is happening. They are disgusting things to justify and accept them as the norm. They switched like the remote and many echoed the propaganda, our society resembles a lunatic asylum. And I don’t understand now, and who will lead Russia out of this state? The state of mind of society so sick that it’s hard to imagine our future. (…)

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Simultaneous attacks by the West on Syria and the Donbass. What are you gonna do Russia?
From: Cassad News, 05-Feb-2016, 20:04
1. The defense Ministry said that Turkey is carrying out intensive preparations for military intervention in Syria, 2. Saudi Arabia declared about the readiness to start a ground operation in Syria as part of a coalition led by the USA, 3. Russia’s envoy to the OSCE, Lukashevich warned that Kyiv is ready to return to silovu the issue with Donbass (…)

Kings of procurement: who will master $20 billion
From: Cassad News, 04-Feb-2016, 22:37
Forbes has identified the main beneficiaries of public contracts in 2012, after analyzing more than 2,000 public procurement in the amount of 3 trillion rubles. The company, owned by the leaders of the rating of the Rotenberg brothers, last year won contracts worth about $9 billion. (…)

(Click to enlarge) Arkady Rotenberg

Putin’s rehabilitation of Yeltsin
From: Eduard Communist, February 4th, 7:37
Before you footage of fireworks in Yekaterinburg on 2 February, on the occasion of the birthday of the destroyer of the USSR and state criminal, former Russian President Yeltsin. We have made a salute, as if birthday was really great genius, and not a bloody bastard. On the same day on the First channel showed a film about him. About how he was great, as Home allegedly liked to give her shit. And if you remember how Putin personally came to the opening of “Yeltsin centre” last year. as I wrote, we can attest to the fact that Putin started the company this rehabilitation of alcoholics-the destroyer among the population. More details wrote in in his blog strategia_22. I want to say two things. (…)

Former commander of the army LNR have noticed in the Kiev restaurant
From: etoonda, 2016-02-04 18:02:00
In one of Kiev cafe was seen the participant of capture of the SBU building in Luhansk, one of the leaders LNR Sergiy Korsunsky. Korsunsky, Sergey Olegovich, was the right hand Bolotov, one of the commanders of the militia in the capture of state institutions. Constantly performed at various press conferences with Bolotov, has called for the federalization of Ukraine. In the demands he put forward: the recognition of the heroes of “Berkut” and internal troops soldier who stood against Maidan. (…)

From: El Murid, 4-Feb-2016 09:25 pm
Poland has started repeated consideration of the case with the crashed plane of President Kaczynski. Hard to say what is not satisfied with the Polish authorities. From what we know, we have a classical picture of the overbearing ugliness, when firmly drunk, considers himself immortal, with the greatest disdain reacted to elementary safety requirements, forcing pilots despite all instructions to interfere recklessly towards the Smolensk birch trees.

From: El Murid, 4-Feb-2016 02:46 pm
The sale of the Motherland has entered a phase of business discuss. The Kremlin claimed that happy to see the number of buyers of the privatized property of foreigners, although much zeal they still do not show. The behavior of foreign predators is understandable: the Russian economy continues to fall, today, and the Europeans joined the gloomy forecasts and suggest the fall of Russia’s GDP in gdu 16 and a half percent. Why buy something that can then be picked up even cheaper. In addition to the economic downturn. Now the ball is ruled by speculators, long-term investments, and even in a moribund economy, look nazdrave. (…)

Dyumin is going to raise the Tula
From:, 3-02-2016, 20:40
Yesterday in Tula the Governor was replaced. The new head of the region (or rather, until I. O.), appointed Alexey Dyumin. It would seem that the change in regional head – it for modern Russia is not that ordinary, but the sensation of such an event is hard to call. However, some things in this administrative rearrangement give rise to far-reaching conclusions. The fact that Alex Dyumin was a personal adjutant of Vladimir Putin. (…)

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Let’s talk about privatization? REJOICE!!! – The 90s are back!!!
From: Andrey Chervonets, 2 February, 21:50
Paragraphs 1 to 5, Putin sounded good. But the key point is that GDP either doesn’t want, or couldn’t fend off the liberals and insist that privatization should not be in principle. Privatization is just the cut property. The stability of the budget need capital punishment for embezzlement of state property, including through privatization of the largest enterprises (…)

The Americans buried the BRICS
From: Svobodna Pressa, February 1 19:43, by Maria Beschastny
The American edition of the Financial Times argues that the BRICS, which includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, may soon disappear from the global agenda. Due to the economic recession in Russia and Brazil, the bloc has lost its appeal for investors. Now, according to American economists, the engine of the global economy will become a new Association — TICKs. It includes Taiwan, India, China and South Korea. (…)

Marasmus grows stronger (continued)
From:, 1-02-2016, 17:26
Visiting various sites on the Internet, reading articles and publications, sometimes freezes up and just don’t know how this could be. That plunges into a stupor, often can be described in one word – INSANITY. Germany remains convinced that its system and its values are “better”, and Russia should for them to adjust, said the Chairman of the German-Russian forum Matthias Platzeck. I note immediately that Matthias Platzeck said it is a criticism. No claim to it. I here concerning the values of Germany. That is insanity, no doubt. But there’s something else: arrogance and exclusiveness, now German. Defeated in the second world war convinced that their system and values are better, and the winners, Russia need for them to adapt. (…)

Kiev is outraged by the slander Independent! In Syria the APU will not go!
From:, 1-02-2016, 14:59
Operative reaction of the Ukrainian authorities on a high-profile news that their magic “Garn Ukrainian khloptsi” will be sent to far-off Syria to fight with terrorists of the “Islamic state”. There was a written rebuttal with a sharp condemnation of the accuser. Moreover, the Ukrainian government managed to surprise the world community. (…)

(Click to enlarge) “Attack (Go ahead!)”

The who declared the virus a global threat Zeke
From:, 1 February 201622:22
The threat of international scale, announced the virus. This virus zika. The world health organization (who) frightens the rapid spread of the disease that caused thousands of cases of birth defects in Brazil. (…)

From: QUOTES. Alexei SMIRNOV: – new Russia. The struggle continues!, 10:54 pm on February 1st, 2016
Often in the comments write, “where to watch the government”, “why not take out children”, “when will it end”, etc. I’ll tell you, we’re just waiting for the government or uncle who needs something to do, but this never happens. (…)

How to isolate enemies of the people?
From: Feologos, January 31, 15:51
Professor of Moscow state University Sergei Chernyakhovsky said, very smart idea about the possibility of isolation from the political life of the country of the enemies of the people and the state. He explained that the anti-Russian liberal opposition, which the enemies of the people and told Ramzan Kadyrov – can be removed from the political field of Russia legal legal way, without any violent action. The only thing needed is the political will of the President and coordinated work of our State Duma supported the decision. And then we will not see these geolibrary Russophobic snout on our TV and in our political and social life. (…)

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The war is coming!
From: Novorossia, 31-01-2016, 06:41
the situation in the economy and the financial sector seems to be increasingly annoying, depressing and scaring the ordinary citizens. This is evident by the number of articles and posts on this topic. Say different things. Who closes their eyes and yells that everything is fine. Who, without further ADO, blames someone long ago in the world have appointed blame in all the way. Who scratches his head and downcast eyes, muttering something about “let’s see what happens”. And who just frowned and went silent. But I do in this situation is not surprising. Everything is absolutely logical way. I’m a little surprised only that nobody calls a spade a spade. Well, with rare exception. None of the really significant figures in politics and public life. In this sense, Ukraine is a very similar situation, but Vice versa. (…)

DPR Deputy: “Donbass will not return to Ukraine – neither by Federation or Confederation”
From: Fort Russ, 30th January, 2016
The United States is fully controlling the Kiev regime, to make the existence of DPR and LPR impossible as part of a Ukrainian state, said the Deputy of the People’s Council DPR Vladislav Brig. – “I don’t see any reason for the authorities in Kiev to change, in 10-15 years there will be Russophobic American power. Therefore, Donbass, in any form, neither Federal, nor Confederate, will not return to Ukraine”, said the politician. (…)

New Russia 2.0
From: Novorossia, 28-01-2016, 13:52
Reliable sources confirmed the information about the upcoming Union of LPR and DPR into a single whole political space. The decision was taken in October of 2015, then leaked the first rumors about it, and now have an actual team of curators in response to this request. What this means is almost as in the household and the political aspect? (…)

Price of Yeltsinism – 4
From: etoonda, 2016-01-28 19:49:00
Special multipart line in ellinizma (Yeltsinism) of crimes against the state and the people is the destruction of its military-industrial complex. During the reign of Yeltsin and his team, was in a catastrophic way undermined the defence capacity of the country, destroyed, sold, cut up for scrap ten units of submarines, surface warships, research vessels and ships of space communications ceased to exist as a type. Deducted unique strategic nuclear cruiser “Shark“. Closed the test program and construct unique, not having analogues in the world with fighter aircraft GDP YAK-141, there are suspicions that technology has got a partner, and use their advanced fighter of the 5th generation F-35. Closed – destroyed the manned space program/unmanned aircraft “Buran“. Lost or donated to “partners” not having analogues in the world of high technology. To calculate the amount of damage, while probably not possible, for objective reasons, but the scale difficult to describe. Below is an attempt to get closer to the beginning of awareness and understanding of the incident. I think in the Yeltsin centre is not enough space to describe the catastrophe only in defense and military-industrial complex complexes. At the opening of the Yeltsin center: (…)

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(Click to enlarge) Promising aviation complex with the vertical takeoff and landing YAK-141

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