Why CC Has Begun Spreading B.S.?

Colonel Cassad Crap Department

CC stands for Colonel Cassad (idiotic nickname but s. with him). I do not only understand why the popular blogger and “analyst” started to keep mouth shut on many issues but to spread utter bullshit like this post.

What he republished is flowery description of Russian Black Sea Fleet destruction and generally Russian army with air forces, opening a road to an invasion of Russian territory. As if Russia would like to push her forces to the front line for slaughter not using several dozens small nukes strongly enough to annihilate all main Turkish military bases first. Assuming of course, Russia’s forces are weaker than forces of Turkey and NATO and the US (not combined). Whether NATO would like to succor Turkey in such small local Black Sea Armageddon to find out how “funny” it is to crush Russia is rather hypothetical.

BTW. There are many Russians who believe that WW3 will not start, the second part is sure WW3 will erupt and the third part thinks it will develop into sort of WW4 (after Cold War as WW3) comprising of local battles with broad activities using economic and financial warfare, leading total information war and all sort of proxies’ wars. Meantime all signs in the sky and on earth suggest that WW3 is inevitable. The only issue which remained to the Zionist forces (US, NATO) to resolve is to determine the right moment for the first attack. Helpfully Russia has left the time for rapid development of her forces as for now, but it is not 100% certain.

The war on the Black Sea: what are the options in our fleet
From: Colonel Cassad, 10 February, 15:40

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Interesting analysis of the prospects of collision of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Turkish fleet in the Black Sea.

The war on the Black Sea: what are the options in our fleet

Relations with the Turkish Republic aggravated. Turkey along with Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the tacit support of the USA, openly preparing to invade Syria. The US and Britain, apparently, can apply their ground troops in Syria. In these circumstances, the risk of military conflict between Russia and Turkey is very high. Most likely the scale of it may be limited to armed conflict, although we can not exclude it from escalating into a local war. Hardly more, as to put Russia before necessity of the use of nuclear weapons is not found wanting — after all, a large-scale war, modern Russia without using WMD conduct.

In this conflict, based on the characteristics of the military-geographic conditions, will be key to the Russian black sea fleet opposing him and the Turkish Navy. The main theatre of their armed confrontation of the black sea will be MTVD. The question naturally arises: what should we expect from our fleet and will he be able to solve conferred upon him the task of defending Russian interests in the Black sea?


What has the Turkey?

The Turkish Navy is averaging 15 submarines (including 10 modern 209-year project), 19 frigates URO (including 5 type “O. Perry” and 6 type “Knox”), up to 25 trawlers and about 20 missile boats. These forces are likely to be supported by tactical aviation. From more than 440 strike aircraft against ships and objects of the black sea fleet, according to experts, can be deployed to over 100 machines.

Comparing the capabilities of the black sea fleet with the combat composition of the Turkish Navy, one can assume that as a result of hostilities, Turkish Navy can lose up to 40-45% of its surface ships and boats, and 4 submarines (which will amount to 27% of their total number).

The loss of the black sea fleet can be: the main classes of ships and boats — up to 25-30%, in aviation — up to 35% on coastal troops — up to 30% and 1-2 subs. These estimates for the case when the action of our Navy forces Far and supported by tactical aircraft. That is, in these circumstances, by the end of the first week of fighting, the losses of the Turkish Navy may reach a critical value, whereas the black sea fleet, also suffered serious losses, its efficiency will largely retain. Probably mostly manage to solve the problem of superiority in the Black sea coastal zone.

In the case of a conflict involving some NATO countries such as the United States, most likely in the Black Sea will include naval grouping of NATO in the composition of more than 2-3 ship strike groups of ships of this class cruiser URO — URO destroyer, which will be supported by carrier-based aircraft forces of the U.S. Navy with AUS (for up to 3 carrier strike groups) from the Eastern Mediterranean.

For attacks on the forces of the black sea fleet can be used additionally to 60-70 aircraft tactical air force from airfields in Turkey. In this case the black sea fleet will only weaken NATO fleet, having suffered such a loss himself, in which will lose their value as an operational merger.

After this, the enemy will be able without interference to solve the problem of landing of tactical and even operational landings on the black sea coast of Russia or its allies, to strike the sea with directions to the Armed Forces and the economy of our country.

Konstantin Sivkov

http://svpressa.ru/war21/article/142068/ – zinc

PS. It is worth remembering that the last part of the analysis borders with scenarios of local or global nuclear war between Russia and NATO.


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