Short View of Russians and the State

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Read the first part of Kurdunov’s post, too. It contains excellent description of Russians and their views on themselves. (Not published here, so you have to read Yandex translation only.)

Russians – rotten Nation. Redobandire*) (Judeobanderites) – are better!
From: Do what you must, come what may (kundurov), February 9th, 18:00

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*) look for in my dictionary Kassandary -> Yandexiana

(…) In particular, one of the MAIN tasks of the state is to support the national currency. The Central Bank is responsible for that, this function is assigned to CB in the Constitution (article 75). As you know, Central Bank stated at the end of 2014 that it does not want to perform its duties no longer, and the state in persons of the President, Prime Minister, government, Parliament, the Prosecutor General and the Supreme Court has stated that this is correct In general, this state declines all responsibility for what is happening in the economy, because this is force majeure (casus fortuitus).

That is, the state which has familiarized with 15-year rates designed to build commodity economy, cheated all – and the banks and their customers. In the end, there is a situation that foreign currency mortgage takers toiled for years paying the debt and interest, but in the result still owe the Bank more than their apartments are worth today at market prices. The dollar jumped over half a year, 2.5 times but the market value of the homes remained the same nowadays, in some cases are even cheaper.

Who is to blame? If the state (government) has failed to fulfill its function – to control the financial system, then one needs to blame the power, not the force majeure, about which our leaders bleat. Accordingly, it is they who should be punished, not those who suffered from the actions of incompetent (very mildly) officials. I like Russian people, see the expression of fairness. If the government did not admit his guilt, the government was unwilling to take responsibility for its actions, erring ministers did not want to resign, then it’d be fair to overthrow the government which deceives the people.

However, we have banks which absolutely do not want to take responsibility for their risky policy, completely shifting it onto their customers. Moreover, because of the collapse of the ruble, banks still get their profits in rubles due to the overhead fees – since the costs of the rents, taxes, wages, etc. are paid in rubles. But profits are being settled up in foreign currency. Fuckingly!

What state does in this case? Oh, nothing! It does not fulfill the control function of legal relations between economic agents. In the context of widespread decline in wages it compels us to pay more taxes for maintenance! For what the hell we need such a state?

Everything come out in comparison. Let’s see how the state behaves in such cases in spiritless and gay-ed over Europe:

“Croatia will freeze the rate Kuna to the Swiss franc for a year, to save their citizens having loans in foreign currency. 90% of these loans were taken for purchase of housing. “We are talking about the financial fate of tens of thousands of families who can now sleep peacefully and no longer look at the exchange rate”, — said Prime Minister Zoran Milanović at the emergency press conference in Zagreb. The government of the country took less than a week to undertake the protective measures for citizens after the fall of the national currency by 20% against the franc” (source).

Well, do not look at the EU, even Ukraine – Central Europe, which is ruled by terrible and horrible redobandire*) (Judeobanderites), behaves in this case as a gay-soulless:

“National Bank of Ukraine has agreed with major banks on Memorandum of restructuring of foreign currency loans. According to this document loans will be restructured into hryvnia at the official exchange rate of NBU on 1 January 2014. I recall that as of 1 January 2014, the official exchange rate of hryvnia to us dollar totaled 7,9903 UAH/$”. (source)

Well, rosanchiki*) (Russians), you still think that the worst thing what can happen with Butyrskoy*) (Putirashkoy, Putin) – it is Maidan and “fifth column” coming to power? As you can see in this example, redobandire*) (Judeobanderites) are much more viable options. If we assume justice is a trait of Russian character, then Ukrainian authorities behave much more English-like to their people than the Kremlin ghouls and their banksters, advising to cut (slaughter, fuck) their children but wives hang.

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